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Greetings Everyone,

This spring we seem to be revisiting the same energies we struggled with a year ago: Covid, to vaccinate or not, racism, political battles, divisiveness, and the usual litany of discord.  Those of us familiar with the Telos material may recall an enlightening discourse given by an Atlantean Master through Aurelia Louise Jones. It sheds an interesting insight into our world today.

In Telos Volume 3Protocols of the Fifth Dimension (Chapter 7) Galatril speaks on how in Atlantis they got caught up in self-centered activities and the destructive use of atomic and crystalline energy, which ultimately destroyed their whole continent. Atlantis had become a civilization out of control. It had become disconnected from the nurturing and compassionate energies of the heart and soul. Many Atlanteans had become concerned only with the pursuit of knowledge and power at the expense of truth.

In the words of Galatril some twenty years ago, “Your world today is facing very much these same issues. Your present-day leaders are being questioned about their conduct and their motives, just as we questioned our leaders then. And the answers that you are receiving are not striking a harmonious chord with the music of your souls. The words your leaders speak may in some instances sound correct, and the sentiments expressed may seem genuine. Yet when you examine them with the only meter that you have, your hearts, you know that you are being fed illusion, deception, and treachery. And you know that this illusion can no longer stand, as your Creator has decreed the “New Day of Light” for this planet.

“Just as we created our own veils of illusion in the time of Atlantis and thought that we could play with the energies of creation and manifestation without consequences, so have you placed blinders on the effects of your own misuse of energy.”

They were speaking not of our damage to the environment nor were they speaking into the information manipulation taking place in all our media as a method of mind control. They were speaking of the misuse of emotional energy on this planet, our own emotional bodies. In their time they attempted to override their emotions with the mind, forgetting that our emotions are the conduit to our hearts and souls. Truth is felt with the heart, not through the influence of ego.

They say, “You have been awarded a substantial opportunity to bring the full force of God through your emotional bodies. You are able to imbue these energies with the uniqueness that each of you possesses. This uniqueness is a direct result of the emotional colorings that you have developed lifetime after lifetime in the electromagnetic and crystalline grid of this planet.”

Two thousand years ago, Master Jesus tried to teach the laws of creation and existence, but even his Disciples did not understand what he was saying.  In recent years He returned and through his recorder revealed in detail the nature of Universal Father/Mother Consciousness and specifically the 9 aspects of Creative Mind and Power with which we create our realities be they constructive or disastrous. In His introduction to his book, Christ Returns Speaks His Truth, He says, “Because people are on the threshold of a world crisis of enormous proportions, it is vital for survival that I, the Christ, should reach all who will listen. You know little of the true processes of creation in which you, yourselves, play a major role. It is imperative you understand them sufficiently to enable you to embark on the implementation of a higher vision for all humanity.”

In reading Christ Returns, one can gain a better understanding of how our Telosian friends live, and through Christ Consciousness create realities not unlike those created by Jesus to demonstrate the Truth of Existence to his followers. In the past we have referenced how the Telosians create their world without physical raw materials as we do. Christ Returns makes clear how they do it. No mystery, just the conscious use of the Universal Laws of Creation and Power.

In our current situation we do well to remember the advice of our Telosian family to keep our personal energy and vibrations as high as possible by mastering our thoughts and emotions no matter what is happening in the outer world. Only then can we be part of the solution rather than contributing to the global discord that the Powers of Nature are mirroring back to us, our spiritual ignorance of the immutable Universal Laws of Creation.

Written by William Johnson
Telos USA Board member

“It is now time to open yourself to all that is possible as a new way of seeing, perceiving, doing and being.
Be ready and willing to live in the now moment, without expectation, and open yourself to all the magic, majesty,
ease, and beauty that is awaiting all of you who step into the fifth dimensional way of being.  Adama~

Telos Vol. 3, Protocols of the Fifth Dimension
Chapter Four, p. 60


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