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January 2018 Message from Adama

Message from Adama for January 2018, received Jan 5th, 2018

The Ardent Flame of your Heart


I Am Adama, the Wise One

I salute you dear Children. At the beginning of this New Year, I am addressing myself to the part of you that is thirsty for Light and Love. In the center of your heart, there is a burning chalice, the one that is fed by the Great Life. This chalice is in need of your attention and your love so that its heat and its potent fire can envelop and transform you.

Yes, the energies are present. Yes, Mother Earth is accelerating her vibrational frequency and yes, Love will reign in this world. There are many affirmatives that are supporting you and yet….what are you still missing my dear children, before you can feel that you have the power to walk on water and to manifest your dreams in this world?

What is missing is this ardent flame, this love of life, this admiration in front of the magic of life that is unfolding all around you. In 2018, you will need this burning chalice to welcome with grace the winds of change that will blow on you and all around you. In 2018 you will need this ardent flame to welcome with grace the winds of change that will blow over you and your world. You are invited to nurture this inextinguishable flame within your heart, the flame of your faith and of your determination. While reading these words, do you feel the living embers of Life in you or do you feel the cold of the ashes too long cooled from lack of fire?

You have accumulated a lot of experiences, made a lot of choices up until this day. Choose the effervescence of Life, of Faith, of Courage and of Determination. Maintain the ardent fires of your dreams, of your hopes, knowing that you are for all eternity, guided by the infinite love of the One Source. Nothing has been left to hazard in your life: your lessons, your challenges, your choices, all of this has been prepared and planned with great Love.

You are the magnificent project for which you have been born.

In 2018, I invite you to realize that all this is around you has only one function:  to help you to discover the beauty you hold within you and the power that resides within you. I now repeat to you: you ARE the goal of your incarnation, the ultimate goal, all the rest is but accessory.

Do not allow exterior events to extinguish the fires of your Life. Maintain this living link that unites you to the Great Life with awareness. Have faith and move forward with an unshakable faith.

With Infinite Love, I AM Adama, your brother.

Message transmitted by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation, Montreal

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August 2017

August Message from Adama 2017

A Fresh Look

I Am Adama your brother,

Dear beloveds of the loving heart of Creation, I am addressing myself to you today by using these simple words. Words that you will each interpret in your own fashion, according to your own understanding and the personal definition that you normally attach to each word and concept.

The utilization of words partly explains the difficulties of communication that can sometimes arise amongst all children of the Earth. To these words, we now add the concept of body language and the vibrational frequency of the emotions that come to charge these very words with an energy that can be interpreted differently following the culture, tradition and education of all the people that are implied. Different interpretations can easily arise from a simple statement that was made in a given context.

I invite you today to experiment communication from the heart. This communication dear beloveds, is possible only if you consider that he or she who is before you (even if at first sight this person seems different from you as they are seemingly outside of you) is a person like you who is seeking to understand (or not) life, their life; that is also looking for happiness, that is hungry, that needs a roof over their head, that wants to be loved, a being profoundly similar to you yourself with needs. A being who is learning life in their own manner, at their own speed, with the means that are unique to him/her; that is with means, situations and different relationships than yours (seemingly) but also a being caught up in the world of 3D, with its limitations, fears and lack of love.

When you commune with this vision, this understanding, you position yourself in an energy of compassion, of understanding of non-judgement and of acceptance of the other. It is this energy emanating from you that allows communication from the heart.

Please know that your manner of perceiving and of looking at things is a living and acting energy. The person in front of you, perceives, receives and reacts to this energy. The reality of this communication is that, two universes are meeting each other, two energetic and living universes. All of your subtle bodies as well as your physical body feels this contact and the subtle exchanges of this energetic connection.

And so, beloved of the Earth, this fresh look that you take determines the type of communication that you have with all that surrounds you, including your brothers and sisters from all kingdoms.

This heart inside of you, understands and accepts with an infinite love the life within self and all around itself in total acceptance of all that is. This heart in you welcomes life, and life is simple to the heart. For the heart, all communication is simple because it is without judgement and without expectations. This heart in you is a powerful partner in the transformation of the way you look at yourself and at all Creation.

It is Grace that I wish for you in this moment of eternity where all is possible. With an infinite and respectful love, we have communicated.

I Am Adama

Message received by

Denise Laberge, Telos Worldwide Foundation



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Message from Lord Lanto~ The Illumination Flame

The Illumination Flame 

Channel Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation

I Am Lord Lanto,

The Illumination Flame is a flame that sheds light and allows us to see and understand everything at once.

In the dark, you cannot distinguish the contents of a room. However, if you light up a candle, everything is revealed and you can then move easily around, observe and explore its treasures, etc.

The Illumination Flame has the same effect. It allows you to cast new eyes on a situation, a person, a relationship, an object, a dimension, a planet, etc. It allows you to contemplate things under a new angle and this new perspective brings a new understanding. It broadens your view and, symbolically speaking, lets you discover new territories.

The Illumination Flame sends a signal to all creation and it tells the universe that a child of the Source wants to awaken, explore life from the heart.

When using the Illumination Flame, you emit a love frequency that seeks a person who wants to explore and awaken. All consciousness in the creation feel this impulse. According to the present moment and your stage of evolution, an energy consciousness picks up your call and your intention. It will then come to inspire you. This energy-consciousness can be an angel, a guide, your Higher Self, Mother Earth, the Source, etc. Be assured that the forthcoming inspiration will be appropriate. The universe knows you and it is pure intelligence; the Flame will work on you. It is possible that you will not feel anything, but that’s not important. Be assured that the understanding, the answer is about to make its way from the response region of the universe to your individual intuitive region.

Here are some examples where the Illumination Flame can be used.

1. You can use it for your personal life, the subconscious, your past and your incarnations.

2. It is important to set an intention and to address this intention with the Illumination Flame. Imagine and feel the flame, very active, enveloping the whole situation. Feel the energies of understanding coming inside you. These energies bring you the clarity needed to face a situation, an emotion, a discomfort.

3. Imagine the Illumination Flame active around you all day because It lives in you and you are God’s intelligence in action making this truth and this energy grow inside you.

4. Before starting your work, a meeting, take a few minutes to wrap yourself in the Illumination Flame; and feel its action and inspiration in everyone.

5. Use the Illumination Flame to envelop government leaders so that divine decisions can be made.

With all my love, I am Lord Lanto

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March 2013

Adama Channeling through Denise Laberge

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December 2012

Lady Nada, Adama and Saint Germain, This Doorway to Love is Ready!

December 2012 ~Channeled by Ray Dawn, Mt. Shasta


Hello to you Dear Ones, it is Lady Nada here to explore with you your feelings of home and of Love. Love eternal and love everlasting..

We are here to be with you in this state of love, of it filling your hearts and allowing each of you to return home to this state within you. The Ascended Masters and I are one and you are one with us.

Each of your hearts holds this resonance with love! Do not forget this. Each of you feels separated from this love eternal in your own way. As a child who has been hurt and needs consolation.. Allow this consolation now.. Let it melt the resistance to love, let go of the pain and fear of lack and limitation..

Each of you can open that door now and allow in this great light.. This light is the light beyond all matter.. As this time is approaching on your planet.. We are all coming home again.. To no time, to all time, to Oneness.. In this oneness there is no lack, no fear, just trust and this great love.. The journey that led you to be upon this earth at this time is to feel all of this happening within you and through you, to awaken to who you really are while in form, to come home again to love now and within all your bodies as one– as one heartbeat– and to reside within the sphere of the earth as well to come into oneness with the earth,  with your solar system, and within the universal sphere as well!

This great symphony that is occurring is occurring now, right now within each of you.. As all time is truly in oneness we ask each of you to let go into the knowledge within you, within your heart, to guide you home to safety and love within your deepest self, and in your deepest places to find the truth.. To find love.. We are home with you in those moments of your choosing..

Hello as well it is I Adama! Yes to be in this resonance of home is what we are be-ing with each of you.. Now is the time to remember, now is the time to open to each heartbeat beating as one heart upon this earth.. Allow all else to fall away as each of you remember eternity.. For in eternity you are love and in this love you decided to come here and be it…-so, BE-it!

Yes, now is the time to move forward and to BE-LOVE.. This 12-12-12 and into the Dec 21st-2012 and beyond, this time is a marker to your emergence as a new species… a species of love that has returned to who we are– all in this together– One family in love we are… This love is all encompassing, it is forgiving, it is sacred, and it knows all!!

You know all, each of you, each of you are a part of this hologram of awareness, encoded with all knowledge, allow this remembrance within you now.. Welcome home upon this earth to be here in the fullness that you are.. This 12-12-12 is also an awakening within this planetary system and within this planetary sphere of her own knowledge, her encodements are coming online and meeting up with the galactic systems again.. Allowing her to remember as well who she is, for there has been sleepiness upon this sphere for so long.. All with purpose dear ones, for as the plants are growing in darkness the shoots emerge into the sun and once again rising to the surface to open forth and awaken from the slumber, to rise up from the darkness and into the eternal light.. Be not afraid of this occurrence, but breathe easy that you are here with purpose in these times, called forth and remembering your ancient gifts to be here fully and to fall into Love-again and again upon this earth.. Open your hearts!

Now is the time to do so, now is the time to open forth, all is at the ready, be not afraid and rise into the light, we are here with each of you to help support your emergence into love and so it is…

Yes and it is I, Saint Germain to be here as well! I had to show up to be here as well, for all time has led us to this time upon the earth! All the times we have all been a part of this process and yet it comes down to the simplest things.. Be here Now; Open your Heart and fall into Love! Truly to let go into it is the task at hand and we need each of you to do so for you are the organism that is creating this change, as each of you comes online into love, you awaken your hearts to emerge into eternity.. As you do so you let go of all fear and awaken to the truth, all love is here for you right now!

As you feel and see this and know it and begin to truly trust, you will create the greatest change to this system and forevermore- love upon this earth.. Awaken your heart now and know that this time is all time… We are one in this occurrence, this doorway to love is ready—you are ready. Trust your heart, let go into it, clear and release the fear and be at peace.. Join us all in this love.. Be easy..

We greet each of you with love for you are It! Always and eternally the flame burns bright and strong within each of you, rise up! Say Yes to love!! And so it is..

We thank you from All of us as One!

Love, and so it is…

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November 2012

Fall into Love ~

Channeled by Ray Dawn, Mt. Shasta

Adama Nov 2012


Hello to All of you.  It is I, Adama, here to speak to you, to speak to you of
the ways of the heart.

Each of you is here upon the Earth, and each of you is here with purpose.
This purpose is coming more into your frame of reference as a one-pointed
way of being. To be one pointed, we mean for you to carry a point of
oneness. Each of you has your own one-pointedness and through that is an
awareness of your own course and purpose of the life you are living.

To bring forth the purpose of this life you are choosing, we would ask each
of you to come with us on a journey of the heart. A journey into your own
heart space and to relax into the knowledge that you are safe and at home in
this resonance, as it is of love.

You are this love. This love is you at your core and all upon the Earth at this
time can choose this love as their point of view or point of reference as well!

We here in Lemuria are in this state of love in more moments of our choice.
We choose love and this love is a frequency, a vibration. Yes, you can
choose this as well upon the Earth, in your everyday life!

We are here to help each of you come into your own natural resonance with
Love. Love is all creation; it is the substance and strata of all life, the glue
that binds all together!

It is not always seen upon your world so easily…

We ask each of you to allow your point of reference, your one-pointedness,
to be in love. Let go into it. Allow all else to fall away as the leaves are
falling off your trees at this time, surrendering to the process of life…

Be easy with yourself as you feel you may not have all the answers to what
lies ahead, but allow the flow of life, your flow, your reference point, to be
immersed in love. It is your choice and right to do so!

We greet each of you with a warm welcome to this place and space that
is within you.. Within your very own beingness there is magic, there
are miracles; there is joy and upliftment. Allow yourself to open to all
possibilities of love in any moment!

Yes, sometimes the moment can feel overwhelming, “where is my choice
when I am bombarded by all that is not love?” Yet, you can choose in that
moment to orient your point of view to a beneficial awareness, to a moment
of choice. Create the awareness, in that moment, of a thought of love.

Relax into it, become grateful for the breath you have, let go into silence of
that moment and release the need to know the outcome. Come home unto
yourself and relax; breathe and let go…

When you do this, we are right here with you, breathing with you, holding
space with you, choosing love with you, for we are all…

In love we are your fellow brethren. We greet you in the heart space and
know that each of you is here in purpose, with great awareness… Each of
you is here to choose love, growth and awareness now, for all is truly love.
There is no difference, all is in the knowledge of life, life is eternal, it is
everlasting, and yet it is changing like the seasons, like the tide…

Be at ease with this process, like the seasons, and choose your frame of
reference wisely… Choose life, choose love and choose your purpose in that!

We greet you and we thank you, here in our heart space. Will you join us

In Love,

Adama and your Lemurian family

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September 2012

Adama Channeling through Denise Laberge

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Adama’s message was given during an Initiatic Journey in Mount Shasta, August 2012.

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August 2012

Adama Channeling through Denise Laberge

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Adama’s message was given during an Initiatic Journey in Mount Shasta, August 2012.

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July 2012

Adama Channeling through Denise Laberge

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Adama’s message was given during an Initiatic Journey in Mount Shasta, July 2012.

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June 2012

I am Adama and I am talking united with the Great Stream of Life that is embracing this Earth in this very special window of time.

Beloved Children of the Source, the All Mighty Source, the Light that is coming towards each one of you, each day is stronger and stronger. Open your heart and your mind to receive this outpouring light, energy to reactivate the life of God that you are. Each one of you is so precious and so powerful.

The world in which you live today is your creation because this dimension in which you evolve in this now moment is a dimension where you exercise your powers of creator. All about this dimension obeys to your orders. All about this dimension recognizes you Beloved Ones as the Sole Master, creator of all that is. You are surrounded by what is mirroring perfectly the belief system, the emotional system that you carry inside you. Beloved Ones, the vibrations that you carry within you are creating the world around you.  You have that power! It is yours to recognize.

It is now time for the human being to recognize its divine place in the creation and to accept that the human being is a love creature. The exploration of the dark side is coming to an end. We, your brothers and sisters of Telos, are inviting you to fully accept and acknowledge the light and the love that you are. It is time to free yourself from the old belief system that is depriving you from your beauty, your divinity, your freedom. It is time to fully embrace the new paradigm of life, a life of grace, beauty and awesome perfection. It is time. It is time to dare to walk as God in action in this world. It is time to accept freeing yourself from these burdens that were so necessary to bring you to today, into this empowering consciousness, so solid, so perfect  and that will be yours eternally.

All of these experiences have transformed each one of you in a pure diamond of light. Your light is shining in all of the creation. All of these experiences have created a foundation of pure gold and pure crystal for each one of you. It is time to acknowledge your beauty, your perfection. Accept and acknowledge; look at the fruits of this adventure, Beloved Ones. Open your arms to receive the abundance that is coming towards you. The only thing that is asked of you is to accept your greatness, release all that is not useful anymore so that the light of your heart shines in all its glory, embracing fully the new life of love, purity, freedom with all your heart. Accept your divinity and your world will rapidly transform to mirror your true vibration.

We are looking for those that will dare to accept and live this challenging change of life. It is coming, it is coming towards you. Will you welcome this new consciousness? You do not need to work at it; you do not need to deserve it. You just need to drop the old belief system that is keeping you in a jail of darkness. Open your heart to a life of love, peace, joy. Welcome the magic of the 5th dimension consciousness.

It is time to unify yourself so that you recognize the true being of light that you are and always have been.

This year a special work will be done on each one of our children coming to bathe in the energies of Telos, a re-alignment of the Diamond Heart with your I Am Presence so that the communion and the anchoring will be facilitated. An extraordinary help is given to those that are seeking the freedom from the 3D hypnotic vibrations. Dare to plunge into the unknown, into the 5th dimension consciousness where peace and joy are dwelling.

At Telos, we have prepared for thousands of years for this moment: the day the human race will accept and acknowledge its own divinity. We are surrounding you with our love, light and peace.

I Am Adama, your brother and your father. I have spoken in the name of your Telosian brothers and sisters that are wishing to be part of your life and to assist you in your re-birthing process.

Our love with you forever.

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May 2012

This is the ushering in of the Great Golden Crystal Age that is to be permanent upon this planet…


Dearest Folk on Earth,

We are the Crystal People, encased in crystal bodies, waiting deep underground to make your connection to our souls. Yes, we do have souls, as all elements are alive, awake and conscious of the world around them, all vibrating at various degrees of alertness.

Our depth is the cause for our clarity and brilliance of light, for we capture the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and it pulses within our encasement and sheen of pure crystal. We wait here silently, as surface folk go about their business of hurrying and scurrying about to make a ‘living’ for their very existence, when our existence just is, and we do nothing to stay alive, but bask in the Creator’s heartbeat deep within the Earth. It is this heartbeat that generates all we need, and gives us the nutrition, although we don’t ‘eat’ as you do, that we need for our growth.

Our advice to you is to connect to the Creator’s heartbeat, through the Earth herself, and you will be fed the food you need for your light-body to vibrate at the Creator’s frequency rather than the low beat of surface dwellers struggling for existence.

All is provided for you, you just forgot. Again, we mention the Anastasia books where she connects fully to the Earth and Nature Kingdoms and is provided with all she needs on every level.

We watch you from below, and yes, we can clearly see you all, as impossible as you may think this is, for our eyes are not like yours, and we see through our light substance that we are made of. We see beyond what you couldn’t imagine is possible – and we hear all that occurs on and in the Earth, for we are great receptors and great beacons of Light, although our bodies are small and diminutive compared to yours. It is not the size that counts, but the frequency of the Being that is encased in the body form. It is consciousness and frequency, and they go together to form the various degrees of Light that emanates from a body.

Bodies are just shells that hold Light, until we all move into our Light bodies that have no denseness surrounding them. As the frequency of Earth rises, humans are shedding their density and slowly rising in consciousness, becoming more and more aware of the Nature Kingdom around them. For you have all been living in a zoo, so to speak, just the opposite of what you created by keeping animals locked up. Well, you have been the ones locked up, with a fence surrounding your senses, keeping you away from the rest of the Nature Kingdom that is free outside the parameters of your perceptual fence that keeps you chained up inside, while we roam freely outside all around you, and you can’t even see us, hear us or feel our presence. You are the ones locked up in a zoo, while we are free.

So break your shackles and break out of your self-imposed prison cells, and break free of your mental constraints and meet us now – we are just a step away – and we have been waiting for you for eons of time. It is just a mental prison, a mental zoo you have enclosed yourselves in, and we are here to assist you to break free so that you can mingle with us all – all of Nature is waiting for you, and all of Nature is calling to you to BE WITH US NOW…we are all part of you…and you are part of ALL.

Well, what is keeping you back? Step outdoors and acknowledge our existence and acknowledge all the life teeming around you, just waiting for you to say ‘hello’.

We are abundant in stores around you…so go on a ‘shopping spree’ and buy us, and adorn your bodies with our magical glow, and hold us close to your heart, talking to us and caressing our smooth encasements that hold our great Light which we freely give to you.

Our message to you today is to BREAK FREE OF YOUR ZOO-LIKE EXISTENCE and merge with the life-forms teeming around you. There are hundreds of various forms of Elementals, Faeries, Gnomes, Elves all around you, busily working with the Trees, flowers, plants, grasses, and animals. They are literally surrounding you. They are in every garden, around every Tree. Just be aware of their existence and they will come into focus for you, and you will begin to feel their presence. Oh my, you are ‘not alone’ at all. If only you could see through ‘our eye’, you would be so surprised. Nor are you alone in the Universe, as some so foolishly believe.

One of the immutable Laws of Life is that we are never alone in existence. To exist, we must be part of the Whole. So we ask that you step into your ‘part’ now, which is the ‘whole’, and commune with us where you will be privy to all of existence and take your rightful place again by being consciously connected to the chain linking all life.

You broke the link. But you can re-connect it through your heart’s call. Just ask, and it is done.

Although we leave you for now, we never sever the connection. Our line always remains open, and so must yours. It is called ‘the life-line’ in human vernacular, isn’t it?

We bid you to keep the ‘life-line’ open, since it is your life, and you do want to continue it, don’t you? Well, you cannot do it alone, so bond with us now, and we will guide you unerringly every step of the way, right back to the Creator’s heart center, located inside you. No distance to travel. It has always been with you. It is you. So claim your divinity now, and you can merge with us in an instant.

We are the Forces of Light…We are the Crystal People stationed underground and we travel as one…Always. May your thoughts fly our way. Good day.

Channeled through Dianne Robbins, Mount Shasta, CA



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March 2012

Adama Channeling through Denise Laberge

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February 2012

Adama Channeling through Valerie Donner

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January 2012

We Hold the Crystalline Matrix of your Universe.


Greetings our dear sister on Earth. We are the Crystal People here again with you as you sit at your computer taking our dictation. We are very close to you, as close as your life vein pulsing blood into your system. We breathe with you, we pulse our heartbeat with you, and we sing our Song of the Ages to you. Our song is Love…and its melody permeates your cells as we merge into you now. Our merging is complete – and we operate as One.

Crystals are unique in character, as their Light is so bright that your eyes could be blinded could you look into our depths. In our depths holds the crystalline matrix of your universe, unraveled in its complexity and structure. It is your guide to everywhere, could you but read its map. Your body is also a map, with life codes embedded in your DNA strands. Your body has a blueprint that can replicate itself into perfection, were it not tampered with, and were it not for the stress and fear you have all brought into it.  For stress and fear only deteriorates its precise mechanisms, and keeps you from attaining your immortality.

We Crystals do not hold stress or fear. Actually, it is entirely unknown to us, for our Light Quotient is so high that we only experience Divine Love. When you only focus on your Divinity, there can be no room for any other feeling or thought to exist, and that is when your heart opens to your I AM Presence and you feel the joy of union and completeness.

So it is all in your thoughts and focus that you can move yourself into your Divinity. For your thoughts will carry you to wherever you direct them. So direct them to your God Self, and feel them uniting you to All That Is:  your Inner Light in your heart that is waiting for you to acknowledge its Presence. Stay in your heart space, and feel only the JOY of life, only the LOVE of the Creator, only the PURITY of your I AM Presence and beckon them in. Stay with the Music of the Spheres, and it will re-calibrate your cells to the Music of Home. Home is in the heart – and you already know this.

So you find your way back Home through your Heart. It is the quickest route to the Ascension, and we await you there. We are already stationed in your heart and we wait for your call to accompany you on your trip back to Unity Consciousness. We will carry you along with us, if you only acknowledge our existence as fellow travelers on the road through Eternity.

As you hold and caress us in your hands, we re-calibrate your life pulse, so that you can beat with the rest of life on Earth, and merge with us in the One Beat of Creation, all vibrating at the same frequency. This is the quickest way for all of us to ascend. For our ascension is not complete without your accompaniment. All of creation travels together. We not only need one another, but we are one another. So once you wake up to our existence and to the fact that we have been trying to contact you for millennium, we can begin our merging of consciousness and move up to a higher octave of existence. We wait for your call.

Once you merge with us, you will quickly discover how to use and harness our Light and Energy to convert your antiquated fossil fuel system into Free Energy for everyone on the planet. This will be a big step for mankind. For the patriarchal system of control and corruption will be out of business and the Divine Feminine will flow through your veins bringing you all that is your birthright. And it is all free.

Earth has provided all you could ever conceive of, and gives it freely. You just have to open to its existence, and allow and accept it to flow to you, unimpeded by doubt or fear. This is why it is so important to rein in your thoughts and stay only in the Love Vibration. For Love will bring you to the treasures that Earth has been storing for you. There is a treasure chest just waiting for you to open, and you open it with your Heart ~ just let it all burst free.

Hold us, talk to us, and we will be your guides taking you into the Light where we already reside. Join us.  

We are the Crystal People.

Received through Dianne Robbins 

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December 2011

Dreams and Thoughts Create your Future

Channelled by Dianne Robbins

Greetings! I am Adama from Telos, your lost city beneath the Earth, which many on the surface still have no inkling of.

We wish to spread the magnificence of our existence to all on the surface, so that all humanity will re-think their ideas and beliefs about existence on this planet. We feel that it’s time for all to hear about us, and for all to connect with us in their thoughts.

For our purpose of re-emerging at this time is to awaken all to the Glory of God, and to the glorified plan that our Creator has in store for us.

We are all brothers and sisters, wherever we live – whether in the oceans, on the land, or in the Inner Earth and Subterranean Cities. We all come from the same source, breathe the same air and dream the same dreams.

You can literally change your reality by the dreams you envision and the thoughts you think – for it is the dreams and thoughts that create your future.  So dream on, our brothers and sisters, and in your dreams see only an Earth glorified in love and light, peopled by Light Beings of great beauty and purity of heart.  It all starts with your thoughts and ends with your manifestations.

Yes, you do manifest the conditions of your lives. You manifest your reality daily, by the thoughts you go to sleep with the night before. So as you lie in bed dreaming of days to come, surround each thought with light so that only the magnificence of each idea blooms into the purity of light. Enrich your dreams, and make them as grand as you can, for in the Infinite Universe all is possible – and the more grand the idea, the more possible it can be.  For God only wishes the grandest and most majestic of worlds. Anything less is not of God, but of man.

So dream your dream, and see yourself as the majestic Beings you are, fully in control of your thoughts and fully aware of the purity of your intentions before you send them out to our Universe. That way, all will be returned to you in the glory and bliss of your dreams being manifested into your reality.

This is how we, in the Subterranean Cities, created our home of Bliss. We are very aware and tuned into our thoughts, and hold them in check to be released only when they are pure light and love. This way, only love and light returns to us, in the form we created.

This is a Universal Law – one so basic that we wonder how it has eluded you for so long. It is now time to return to God, and to re-acquaint yourselves with the Eternal Laws of the Universe. For you know these laws. These laws are a part of all life. And as you move up the scale of consciousness you will become more and more aware of the existence of Universal Law and you will wonder how it was that you could have ever forgotten.

This is Adama, your brother, bringing you back to the LAW of ONE.

Adonai, my brothers and sisters of Light.


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November 2011

Adama channeling through Denise Laberge


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October 2011

Adama Channeling

With Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Adama. I have Rosealea, an elder from Telos, with me. Together we hold a balanced energy from Telos, a Lemurian City left over from Lemuria. We reside below Mount Shasta.

In Telos we have been holding the full glory of a Christed awakened humanity and Earth for thousands of years. We have been preparing, along with you, for these times of change and challenge. We hold the Light for all who choose to become awakened.

As times become more tumultuous for the surface of the Earth we work with the energies to maintain some balance and order. We come from our hearts in all that we do and look forward to time when humanity will do the same. The truth is that much more can be accomplished when one comes from the heart. The intelligence of the universe resides in the human heart; one only needs to listen.

Imagine as we do what the Earth would be like if people were loving and heart centered. We know that happiness would be the key principle of life. The lessons of separation of the third dimension would be learned. Love will prevail.

Here in Telos we are in touch with generations going back and forward. Time as you know it does not exist. We live in the spiral of time so we can be with our ancestors of the past as well as those of the future. We are designing the most beautiful future together with you. Think of what we can achieve.

To begin this process re-imagine the life that you are now living. Even if you are pleased with all that is present in your life you can always magnify more of what you have. We are talking about the emotions, feelings, beliefs, purpose and reason for your incarnation, relationships, and much more. Your abundance will be a given. This is why you will be able to focus qualitatively on your life. You will not have to worry about making money like you need to do right now in third dimension.

It is the quality of life that will change immensely as the ascension process continues. Many life lessons have been learned in the third dimension. You will be able to set them aside and create a new image of yourself and your life. Your consciousness will be far beyond what it currently is and your bodies will be healthy. You will feel good. There could be some adjustments for humanity with all of this good.

The vibration of Light that is coming currently from the Creator is strong. We feel it here. It is impacting every particle of life to its fullest extent. See if you can feel this and experience what I am saying. Even your plants, animals and insects are lighter. We encourage you to focus on this energy in your everyday practices. It will help you rise above the challenges that you find around you and on the planet.

We invite you to come to Telos in your dreams. Ask to remember your visits with us. Together we can achieve our goals for the Earth and for life on the Earth.

Sometimes we will whisper in your ear and other times we will tug at your heart. However we touch you whether in your dreams, through reading our writings, or via any other means, we are a part of you and you are a part of us.

Let us work together to see what we can achieve that is far beyond your ordinary third dimensional experience. It is time to transcend and to ascend in a process in which we are bound together and in which we are bound to succeed.

I am Adama sending you love from Telos.

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©2011 Valerie Donner


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About the Guest Channels

www.raydawn.comRay Dawn currently resides in Mount Shasta, CA. After extensive studies in psychology, self-awareness and world religions, intending to degree in Religious Studies at Western Kentucky University she started a journey of self discovery with many bends and forks along the path, leading to  a Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree, in Seattle, in 2003. In Sedona in 2009, Ray Dawn became a Master Practitioner in Integrative Energy Therapy. She states: “My process now has evolved from all of my experiences and inner initiations. In working with the Master’s, Angelic beings, Spirit guides, ET friends and family and relatives that have passed over, I have realized that we all have an amazing support system to help us unfold all possibilities for wholeness. Part of the challenge during this time of transformation is to ride the wave of the multidimensional acceleration, while learning to manage and direct our own awakening consciousness with clear intent- while remaining grounded and empowered here in form.”




  Denise Laberge states:

As many of us, all my life I was searching for answers to my questions. I followed the teachings of Omraam Mickael Aivanhov (Bulgarian master installed in France) for twenty years. More than 15 years ago, I started to receive messages from the Masters of  the Light.  At the beginning I was doing this only for myself, taking my messages during my meditations.

In 2005, Aurelia Louise Jones came to Montreal to give a conference, she wrote the Telos books and the seven sacred flames. In Sept of that year, I went to Mount Shasta and participated to an initiatic journey. I had these marvellous visions about what was going on during the night at Telos so I started to share my visions with the 13 people of the group.  In December 31, 2005 Sananda asked me to organize channellings with the group of 13 on each full moon. I could not refuse such a request! Since then I channels the Masters for the Telos worldwide foundation of Montreal. In Sept 2010, I quit my job and dedicated my life to Telos.


Montreal, Canada (Laval)



Dianne Robbins is a telepathic receiver and transmitter for the Inner-Earth terrestrials, Cetaceans, Crystal Kingdom, Tree People and Nature Kingdoms. She channels Adama in the Subterranean City of Telos, Mikos in the Hollow Earth, the Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Command of the Confederation of Planets, Nature Spirits and Trees. Dianne has dedicated her life to receiving and  publishing her telepathic transmissions with the desire to raise humanity’s awareness and consciousness to the existence of those that inhabit the Oceans, Subterranean Realms, Hollow Earth and Surface Nature Kingdoms. Her books include: A Call Goes Out from the Cetacean Nation, Messages from the Hollow Earth, Telos, and Tree Talk.  Dianne lives in Mount Shasta, CA.




Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive, energy healer, teacher and channel. She has been meditating twice daily for nearly 40 years. She works with the Masters, the Archangels, Pleiadians and Lemurians. She lived in Mount Shasta, where her father was born, for three years. This is when she met Aurelia Louise Jones and where they became friends. Louise and Valerie sat together in Sand Flat on the mountain and channeled for each other. When Louise brought in Adama Valerie’s heart remembered Lemuria and was brought to tears. From that time she has opened more and more to the Lemuiran connection. She also began channeling Rosealea, an elder from Telos, when she was living in Mt. Shasta. The Lemurians are beautiful beings and Valerie feels blessed to work with them and those who are awakened to Lemuria from all around the world.She may be reached at:  925-287-8976E-mail:

Mail:P.O. Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596


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