Lemuria & Telos

The Lemurian Age lasted from 4,500,000 BC to about 12,000 years ago. Until the sinking of the continents of Lemuria and later of Atlantis, there were seven major continents on this planet. The continent of Lemuria was located in the Pacific Ocean and extended from western United States and Canada to lands in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar and included what is now Australia, New Zealand, Figi Islands, New Guinea, Easter Islands and Hawaii. Before the fall in consciousness, the Lemurians lived in a fifth dimensional frequency or dimension, and were able to switch back and forth from fifth to third at will..

The first souls inhabiting the planet arrived from the land of Mu in the Dahl Universe about four and half million years ago. Among those early arrivals were many of the Ascended Masters who are assisting humanity today. Later they were joined by races from Sirius, The Pleiades, Alpha Centauri and other systems. Together they formed the Lemurian civilization which became the cradle of civilization on this planet.  It was the “Motherland” that assisted in the birth of other civilizations.  Atlantis came about in comparatively recent times.

The early Lemurians retained their Christ Consciousness and expressed their divinity in every area of their lives.  They honored the sacredness of all life and lived in an Eden-like paradise of exquisite beauty, abundance and perfection.  Disease, lack and limitation were unknown for a few million years. They lived in peaceful dominion with the elements of Nature and lacked for nothing.  They lived mostly in their 5th dimensional light bodies but could, at will, lower their vibration to experience the denser levels of physicality.  During the first few Golden Ages the Lemurians experienced a perfect balance between their masculine and feminine energies and between the mind and heart.  This balance allowed for the nearly instant and perfect manifestation of whatever was desired.  For hundreds of thousands of years they used sacred knowledge universal laws wisely and the Sacred Flames of God were loved, honored and protected in their temples for the nurturing of mankind.

The gradual fall in human consciousness brought an end to Golden Ages still recorded deep in our DNA.  We began to experiment with other ways of living and in our misuse of our divine powers we lost our Christ Consciousness and our abilities to magically manifest whatever we wanted.  Gradually the former balance of masculine and feminine energy shifted in favor of mind over heart.  As a consequence the divine Love and Compassion of the “Mother” aspect of Father/Mother God slowly faded from our consciousness resulting in increasing expressions of the male manipulation, domination and control which persists today. Since we had lost our ability to consciously create our realty, pain, lack and struggle became out lot as the unconditional Love of the Mother’s Presence became a forgotten memory.  It took a long time but eventually we reduced ourselves to the level of the 4th dimension and later to the density of the 3rd dimension where we find ourselves today.  Great Avatars have been sent to re-awaken us from our self-inflicted Darkness but they were mostly unheard, rejected or frequently killed so strong was our opposition to the Light.

Twenty five thousand years ago Lemuria and Altantis were the two most highly developed civilizations on the planet. The original intent of the two civilizations was for Atlantis to represent the energies of the Divine Father and Lemuria to represent the energies of the Divine Mother.  They were meant to not only work together for the benefit of both peoples but to also serve as guides and role models for other evolving civilizations and for younger and less experienced souls.

Dissension between the two arose regarding the development and evolution of other civilizations. The Lemurians believed that the other less evolved cultures should be left alone to continue their own evolution at their own pace according to their own understandings and pathway, whereas the Atlanteans believed that less evolved cultures should be controlled by the two more evolved civilizations. Their argument over ideologies resulted in several thermonuclear wars which weakened both continental plates.  When the wars were over and the dust had settled, there were no winners, only death, destruction and further debasing of the human spirit to the point that both side realized the futility of such behavior.

The people, through the priesthood, were then informed that within less than 15,000 years their continents would sink completely. In those days, because people lived an average of 20,000 to 30,000 years commonly, they understood that many who have caused the havoc would live to experience the destruction.

Before the sinking of the continent, “Telos,” which means “communication with spirit, was the name for the eastern portion of Lemuria consisting of what is now California and part of British Columbia.  Today, “Telos” is only the name of the city the Lemurians built beneath Mount Shasta over 12,000 years ago.

Having had plenty of advance warning that they would eventually lose their homeland, the leaders were prompted to come up with a plan to protect and preserve their records, sacred treasures, culture and most importantly, to relocate to safety all the Sacred Unfed Flames that were focused in their many temples.  They decided to build an underground city that would be free from any surface disruptions or discord.  The priesthood knew that Mount Shasta would be safe during coming Earth changes so the leaders petitioned the head of the Agartha Network of Subterranean Cities for permission to build a city beneath the mountain

In order to be granted permission to build a city and become part of the Agartha Network, they had to prove that they had learned their lessons of war and aggression. They also had to prove this to other agencies such as the Galactic Confederation of Planets. Permission was granted but among the other cities of the Agartha Network there was not much optimism for their success.

The starting point for constructing their city was a large domed cavern inside the mountain and various natural tunnels and volcanic tubes.  Using their mastery of energy, crystals, sound and vibration, they hollowed out space for the city.  Construction continued for several thousand years to complete the city designed to hold 200,000 people.

Tragically, the exact timing of the predicted cataclysm had been underestimated and only 25,000 were safely within Telos when the continent sank.  Their records had already been moved and new temples honoring the Sacred Flames had been built. Their beloved Motherland went down overnight. It sank so quietly that nearly everybody was totally unaware of what was happening. Practically all were sleeping during the occurrence. There were no unusual weather conditions that night. According to a transmission given by Lord Himalaya in 1959 through Geraldine Innocenti, El Morya’s twin flame, he explained that many of the priesthood who had remained faithful to the Light and their sacred calling, like captains on a sinking ship, kept their posts, and, fearless to the end, and they sang and prayed as they went down beneath the waves. Some priests and priestesses returned to their homes and volunteered to go down with the land and Her people, giving the assistance of their radiation which literally surrounded the auras of the people in a blanket of peace and reduced their fear so that the etheric bodies of those lifestreams would not be so severely scarred, thus saving them in future embodiments, from having to experience greater tragic consequences.

Earth after the Sinking of the two Continents

At the time Lemuria was going down, Atlantis started shaking and loosing parts of its land. The gradual destruction continued for 200 years, until the rest of the continent completely sank. For 2,000 years after the Lemurian and the Atlantean catastrophes, the planet was still shaking. For hundreds of years after the destruction of both continents, so much debris had been thrown into the atmosphere that the Earth never became bright in daylight. The atmosphere became very cold because sunlight was not able to penetrate through the thick toxic atmosphere and very little food could grow. Many animals and plants perished. No evidence of the cataclysms remains because the cities on the planet that did not sink were shaken to rubble, or were wiped out by earthquakes or tidal waves that would go as far as 1,000 miles inland and destroying everything in their path. Life for survivors of the cataclysms became so harsh and difficult that they were quickly reduced to hunger, poverty, struggle, and disease.

The original height of mankind on this planet was approximately 12 feet tall. The Hyperboreans were and still are, 12 feet tall and none of them live on the surface at this time. By the time Lemuria sank, the Lemurians were reduced to 7 feet tall and still are 7 to 8 feet tall to this day. And there has been still a further lowering of height on this planet, for most of us on the surface are 6 feet tall or less. As our civilization evolves, this will be restored. Even now, people on the surface of this planet are becoming much taller than they were only 100 years ago.


The City of Telos Today

Telos is a fairly large city with a population of about one and one half million. There are several villages all sharing the local government, Telos is divided in 5 levels of several square miles beneath Mt. Shasta.

The first level: The large percentage of the people live beneath the dome on the first level. This is also where the administrative and public buildings and several temples are situated. In the center of this level stands the main temple, called the temple of MaRa, a pyramid shape sort of structure. It will seat 10,000 people at a time. This temple is dedicated to the priesthood of Melchizedek. The pyramid is white, with the capstone, called the “living stone” donated to them from Venus.

The second level: This is where all the production and manufacturing is done to meet the needs of the people.  It is also contains several schools for the children and adult classes.  Many more people live on that level as well.

The third level is consecrated totally for hydroponic gardens where all of their food is grown on about 7 acres of land. Their methods of gardening are so effective that seven acres of land is all that is needed.  The hydroponic gardens produce crops continuously. They can grow food much faster, using advance hydroponic technology with very little soil and much water without the use of chemicals like we do on the surface. Their food is completely organic and of the highest vibration. Their form of gardening does not need fertilizers and does not deplete the soil. They do place organic minerals into the water for the plants. Crops are also enhanced and quickened by the great light, energy and love vibration of Telos. This is the magic of their 5th dimensional consciousness that we will soon discover.

The fourth level contains some hydroponic gardening, some manufacturing and a large area for nature parks.

The fifth level is totally consecrated to nature. Tall trees and lakes contribute to its park like atmosphere and this is where they keep all the animals. In this nature level, many plants and animals have been preserved that we no longer have on the surface. Their animals are all vegetarians and do not eat each other. They live side by side in total harmony, without fear and without any aggression towards people and towards each other. Telos is really the place where the lion and the lamb lay side-by-side and sleep together in total confidence.


Government of Telos

In Telos, there are two forms of government. The king and queen of Telos, Ra and Rana Mu, ascended masters who are also twin flames, form one aspect of the government of Telos. They are the ultimate rulers of Telos.

The second form of government is the local Council, called the Lemurian Council of Light of Telos, consisting of 12 ascended masters, where 6 men and 6 women serve on the council to balance the divine masculine with the divine feminine. A thirteenth member, the head High Priest of Telos, at this time Adama, officiates as the leader of the council to make the final decision when there is an even vote in the decisions made by the council.

Members of the council are selected according to the level of spiritual attainment they have reached, inner qualities, maturity, and area of expertise. When a member of the council decides to move on to another level of service, the vacancy is made known to our people and those who desire to take a seat on the council may apply. All applications are carefully studied by the council, by the members of the priesthood, and the king and queen of Telos. The king and the queen have the final word about who is chosen among the applicants to be on the council.


The New Lemuria

Lemuria still exists in a fourth and fifth dimensional frequency, not yet visible to our third dimensional vision and perception. As the veil between the dimensions becomes increasingly thinner, Lemuria, in Her new Splendor and Glory, will reveal Herself to us in a very physical and tangible way.

As we open yourselves up to a more conscious way of living and purify yourselves of all distorted and erroneous belief systems we have embraced in the last millennia, we will be able to perceive our beloved Motherland, once again, and eventually be allowed to step in to be received by Her with all the Love and Splendor She has now to offer.

The New Day, the New World is just about to be born.  The New Lemuria, the lost paradise, is just about to unfold again. Lemuria, the part that remained faithful to the Light and Her sacred calling was lifted up to the 4th dimension at the time of the cataclysm. It was never really totally destroyed, only the 3rd dimensional aspect of it was. Lemuria continued to thrive and evolve to a fifth dimensional awareness to this day, and exists fully in the higher dimension.