I am Adama and I am talking united with the Great Stream of Life that is embracing this Earth in this very special window of time.

Beloved Children of the Source, the All Mighty Source, the Light that is coming towards each one of you, each day is stronger and stronger. Open your heart and your mind to receive this outpouring light, energy to reactivate the life of God that you are. Each one of you is so precious and so powerful.

The world in which you live today is your creation because this dimension in which you evolve in this now moment is a dimension where you exercise your powers of creator. All about this dimension obeys to your orders. All about this dimension recognizes you Beloved Ones as the Sole Master, creator of all that is. You are surrounded by what is mirroring perfectly the belief system, the emotional system that you carry inside you. Beloved Ones, the vibrations that you carry within you are creating the world around you.  You have that power! It is yours to recognize.

It is now time for the human being to recognize its divine place in the creation and to accept that the human being is a love creature. The exploration of the dark side is coming to an end. We, your brothers and sisters of Telos, are inviting you to fully accept and acknowledge the light and the love that you are. It is time to free yourself from the old belief system that is depriving you from your beauty, your divinity, your freedom. It is time to fully embrace the new paradigm of life, a life of grace, beauty and awesome perfection. It is time. It is time to dare to walk as God in action in this world. It is time to accept freeing yourself from these burdens that were so necessary to bring you to today, into this empowering consciousness, so solid, so perfect  and that will be yours eternally.

All of these experiences have transformed each one of you in a pure diamond of light. Your light is shining in all of the creation. All of these experiences have created a foundation of pure gold and pure crystal for each one of you. It is time to acknowledge your beauty, your perfection. Accept and acknowledge; look at the fruits of this adventure, Beloved Ones. Open your arms to receive the abundance that is coming towards you. The only thing that is asked of you is to accept your greatness, release all that is not useful anymore so that the light of your heart shines in all its glory, embracing fully the new life of love, purity, freedom with all your heart. Accept your divinity and your world will rapidly transform to mirror your true vibration.

We are looking for those that will dare to accept and live this challenging change of life. It is coming, it is coming towards you. Will you welcome this new consciousness? You do not need to work at it; you do not need to deserve it. You just need to drop the old belief system that is keeping you in a jail of darkness. Open your heart to a life of love, peace, joy. Welcome the magic of the 5th dimension consciousness.

It is time to unify yourself so that you recognize the true being of light that you are and always have been.

This year a special work will be done on each one of our children coming to bathe in the energies of Telos, a re-alignment of the Diamond Heart with your I Am Presence so that the communion and the anchoring will be facilitated. An extraordinary help is given to those that are seeking the freedom from the 3D hypnotic vibrations. Dare to plunge into the unknown, into the 5th dimension consciousness where peace and joy are dwelling.

At Telos, we have prepared for thousands of years for this moment: the day the human race will accept and acknowledge its own divinity. We are surrounding you with our love, light and peace.

I Am Adama, your brother and your father. I have spoken in the name of your Telosian brothers and sisters that are wishing to be part of your life and to assist you in your re-birthing process.

Our love with you forever.

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