Message from Adama for January 2018, received Jan 5th, 2018

The Ardent Flame of your Heart


I Am Adama, the Wise One

I salute you dear Children. At the beginning of this New Year, I am addressing myself to the part of you that is thirsty for Light and Love. In the center of your heart, there is a burning chalice, the one that is fed by the Great Life. This chalice is in need of your attention and your love so that its heat and its potent fire can envelop and transform you.

Yes, the energies are present. Yes, Mother Earth is accelerating her vibrational frequency and yes, Love will reign in this world. There are many affirmatives that are supporting you and yet….what are you still missing my dear children, before you can feel that you have the power to walk on water and to manifest your dreams in this world?

What is missing is this ardent flame, this love of life, this admiration in front of the magic of life that is unfolding all around you. In 2018, you will need this burning chalice to welcome with grace the winds of change that will blow on you and all around you. In 2018 you will need this ardent flame to welcome with grace the winds of change that will blow over you and your world. You are invited to nurture this inextinguishable flame within your heart, the flame of your faith and of your determination. While reading these words, do you feel the living embers of Life in you or do you feel the cold of the ashes too long cooled from lack of fire?

You have accumulated a lot of experiences, made a lot of choices up until this day. Choose the effervescence of Life, of Faith, of Courage and of Determination. Maintain the ardent fires of your dreams, of your hopes, knowing that you are for all eternity, guided by the infinite love of the One Source. Nothing has been left to hazard in your life: your lessons, your challenges, your choices, all of this has been prepared and planned with great Love.

You are the magnificent project for which you have been born.

In 2018, I invite you to realize that all this is around you has only one function:  to help you to discover the beauty you hold within you and the power that resides within you. I now repeat to you: you ARE the goal of your incarnation, the ultimate goal, all the rest is but accessory.

Do not allow exterior events to extinguish the fires of your Life. Maintain this living link that unites you to the Great Life with awareness. Have faith and move forward with an unshakable faith.

With Infinite Love, I AM Adama, your brother.

Message transmitted by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation, Montreal

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