While we have no idea what the Lemurians of Telos may think about the latest
outbreak of man’s inhumanity to man, it’s sobering to reflect upon horrors they
experienced in the destruction of their continent. For those of us familiar with
the teachings of Telos there are some hints as to what could be our best
response to what is happening in Ukraine, Gaza, Israel and other conflicts
around the world.

Surprisingly, an interesting clue can actually be found in the process by which
the Telosians construct their homes. The technique they use is explained in
Volume 1 of the Telos books, Part 2. At one time they built their
homes like we do with blueprints, plans, and various building materials but
now in their 5th Dimensional reality they use their thoughts, intentions and
sustained focus to create the physical reality they desire.

As fifth dimensional beings, they create anything they want. First they decide
specifically what kind of house they desire. Then using their mind and heart
they visualize crystalline-like stones layered up to fulfill their design. The actual
manifestation follows when they shift their focus to generating a feeling of gratitude
while imagining their desire already completed. It is this heart energy that brings
about the ultimate manifestation that occurs with the densifying of the light from
which the stones are created until the desired opacity is achieved.

From this illustration we can see a creative way to approach the atrocities
unfolding in Ukraine, Gaza, Israel, and the other trouble spots in our world. To do this, the
challenge for us is to turn our attention away from media coverage of the
suffering. Instead, we’d do well to turn within and consciously use our creative
imagination to envision a peaceful outcome and the end of the violence. The
final step is using our heart energy to generate gratitude for the perfect
manifestation our mental picture already completed.

A useful tool as an analogy is the old Polaroid cameras where we’d see the
image just seconds after we took the picture. The key here is that it took just
seconds for the image to register on the film. Applying the analogy to the world
situation, we can envision a simple image that represents solutions, peace, end
of hostilities etc. and then hold that image in mind for just a few seconds and
then release it to do its perfect work. Holding your image for 33 seconds is
ideal as 33 is a sacred number. (Christ was on the earth for 33 years,
33 passages of Resurrection etc).

This technique is powerful and requires that we abstain from media images of
suffering which can defeat our efforts and actually serve to add fuel to the fire.
This plays out in our personal lives as we become aware that where our
attention goes, energy goes. If we find ourselves engaging in human habits like
criticism, judgment, blame, condemnation and gossip, then we become part of
the problem. Like the gospel song says, “Let peace begin with me.”

Our Lemurian brothers who experienced the worst of humanity no doubt are
rooting for us in the midst of our current challenges.

William Johnson
Telos-USA Board Member

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