March Message from Adama

Channeled by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation
Montreal, Canada

Adama 72 dpi

I am Adama

Today, I am accompanied by Aurelia and Ahnahmar.

My dear children, do you feel the call of Freedom?

I invite you to listen to the sweet song of Freedom that is now sweeping on the surface of the Earth. This song left the Earth when Lemuria disappeared. A period of withdrawal was necessary to allow the emergence of great values in consciousness.

Indeed, being on your own, you had to learn to turn your eyes and your attention toward your essence, your own feelings.

The lack of freedom and the manipulation made you travel through unsuspected avenues of non-love in density. These emotions, this suffering caused you to seek, to question yourself, to get yourself out of the numbness of unconsciousness.

This Freedom, my children, is an energy, a consciousness that has unfolded over the entire Earth and completely covers it now. I invite you to open your heart to this energy and let it transform you. Freedom allows you to perceive in a very different way the reality surrounding you. I give you an example: imagine a bird in a large cage; it moves in this confined area all its life and the cage delimits its living space and its travels. Its view of life is limited to what he could and would want to experiment from this cage. The bird sees an unattainable world, an unreachable dream through the bars.

The energy of Freedom surrounding Earth currently is in the process of dissolving the bars of the 3D cage which has, until today, limited all aspects of your life. Without you being aware of it, Freedom is altering your perceptions and your inner feelings. Some days, you get up in the morning and you feel that there is something different in the energy around you. There is something different in the way you feel about yourself and in the way you feel about everything that is around you. You feel different but you cannot put words on this sensation. There is something different yet nothing has changed around you. So, what has changed? It is you who has changed from within. Freedom is in the process of dissolving the limitations and the energy preventing you to feel from the inside. You are changing. You are transforming each day my beloved ones.

I invite you to consciously meditate with this energy of Freedom that is participating in the awakening of humanity. True Freedom is returning to Earth and it is a blessing that comes to soothe the heart of the children of the Source. Invite it; visualize it acting inside your heart, transforming you and opening doors to the true Life, the one that wants you happy and free. While feeling that energy within you, imagine yourself discovering new horizons; imagine yourself seeing and feeing life differently. Feel the emotion alive in you. It will open wide the doors of a new reality that has always been present, but that you could never perceive. Create this adventure for yourself. You will never regret it.

I am Adama, always at your service

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