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The holiday season is about family and gatherings.  It’s about singing carols and gift-giving.  But most of all, it’s about love; love of family, love of friends, love of humanity. It is a charitable time of year.

Master Adama says that in Telos there are many celebrations, but their main festivities are centered around the seasons and solstices.  Everyone, including the children, participates.  They decorate the city with imaginative and elaborate decorations.  The festivities last for three days, and people from all over Inner Earth take part.  Family and friends join their loved ones for these grand and festive times together.

During this Winter Solstice, imagine yourself receiving a beautiful invitation from your family in Telos.  You are so excited to attend, for this is your first formal visit.  You follow the explicitinstructionsfortravelingtoTelos, and are met at the entrance by your loved ones.  The love and blessings that surround your aura are breathtaking!  You have never felt such peace.

And while you make yourself at home with feelings of bliss, you wonder what you can contribute to this celebration…  Your heart opens when you realize that what you have to offer is your love.  This is what Mother Earth needs now; as the song says… ”love, sweet love.”  

Divine unity runs through everything.  It personifies itself through us, its people.Fifth dimensional consciousness resides at the very center of our souls.  It has the ability to promote tranquility around the world through us.  This reality is positive and strong.  It is the same as in every living thing on our beloved planet, but we are the key to its success.

So today, and always, fill your world with love, joy, and peace.  Let harmony govern your thoughts and speech.Tomorrowawaken in contentment, living in a consciousness of good.  By raising our own vibrations and walking in the footsteps of grace, we will bring peace to our world, and stand next to our friends in Telos.

Message from Paul the Venetian, The Pink Flame of Cosmic Love
Channeling from Denise Laberge, Telos Worldwide Foundation
An EXCERPT from the channeling presented by Denise Laberge on July 19, 2016, in la Molina, Spain.

The Pink Flame of Cosmic Love
I am Paul the Venetian
The energy of love is an energy that supports life and the expansion of life. We could even say that it is life in action. 
Very few children of God can define or even have an idea of what life is. When you ask this question to a human, he will always reply by using words that describe an action in his own world. For example: the plant that grows, the wind in the trees, a smile on a face, the song of birds; or even love, courage. In fact, all these words describe realities based on feelings from his personal observations, etc.

This definition is valid because life and love are interrelated. All these words and expressions are also part of life. However, each individual describes life according to his own evolution, his understanding of himself and his world.
The Love-light is alive and active when it is transmitted with intention and will. When you transmit it in consciousness in order to communicate with an object or a situation, your consciousness encompasses this object or situation and it is now part of your consciousness and you become one. You are always your own consciousness, but you have widened the action field of your consciousness to include and come into contact with an external energy that can be near or further away. This is done in order to come into contact with yourself, your individual consciousness. Love-light is a way to get acquainted with the universe and to become known by another part/person/being in the Universe. It is the heart that makes contact with another heart and that allows the contact, the understanding, the exchange. Your energetic signature is in this love-light, which is the reflection of who you are in all your aspects. It is the fusion of the life energies that come into contact and learn. 

The more a being elevates himself spiritually (in consciousness), the more he can include a greater world in his consciousness. The less a being is awake, spiritually speaking, the more his consciousness is “glued” to himself. He cannot encompass in his perceptions all that is around or external to him. 

The consciousness of Mother Earth includes her whole body, the bodies of its inhabitants, and even more. To make a true contact with another person, make it a habit to surround the person with your love-light and you will see a considerable difference in the behaviour of people. Everyone feels what a person transmits to someone else, either consciously or not. The person does not know this consciously, but the soul feels it. The Flames represent a frequency of love-light, as love always favours the blossoming of consciousness, of life, and of all that is in balance. A quality is an energy frequency that is in harmony. A non-quality is an energy frequency out of balance. Love is a frequency always in balance and so all that is in its field of action finds itself in the same balance, which consequently creates beauty and harmony.What is in unbalance cannot create beauty.

In balance, the forces of structure, order, expansion and change create harmony allowing the expansion of life, the creation of forms, etc. Love-light is an energy that is active and alive, it is not stagnant.
With all my love, Paul the Venetian

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Marie Phillips and Sue Parry look forward to sharing the guidance, energy and vibration with all who join us on the call.  We ask that each person as guided on the call have a Grounding stone, or crystal with them. We are all surrounded with such high vibrations on the call that it is beneficial to stay grounded so we can be present to receive all the Blessings and Pearls of Wisdom being given to us.  


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