Celestia, Angelina, and Luriel through Aurelia Louise
Children of Telos #1

We are the children of the storm; we are the children of the fire. We are the children of the rain. We meet you in your dreams and want you to know that we love you. We like to sing to you of times to come and of times remembered, when we will be once again united as one. The soul never repeats, it only remembers; and then sets out again to create a song for all of us to remember. We want you to know your song and the elements of who you are as we journey now, across time and space, in all of the colors of the rainbow, to join you. We sit at your feet as you guide us; we stroke your heads with love and comfort as we guide you. We are the children of all nations on Earth. We are the children of all races and many planets. We are the children of galaxies still to be born, and those long forgotten.

We send our message of peace and understanding through every flower that greets you, and every bird song along your path. We stand arm in arm with the divine host and gather our message into one loving, glowing stream that reaches out like a crystal fog to touch each heart; each vision of tomorrow. We broadcast a vibrating, sparkling energy of forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance for all beings of the Earth. As your heart and your inner knowingness pick up the frequency of this broadcast, we ask only that you listen, that you feel the pulse of our energies in your soul.

When we speak, we speak with your voices as well. And when we sing, you hear words long forgotten that you once sang. You feel our melodies caress your soul that once we sang together, and you begin to create new melodies from the old. We all sing together as a choir in a harmony which has never before been experienced. As we sing and create these new songs, the whales, the solar wind, and the legions of angels join us. And as we sing again, with voices that grow stronger with each passing day, all beings rise up in celebration of this new vibration as it encircles the planet. We celebrate with a joy that has long been lost, but today is reborn in each one of you.

Some may ask how long it will be before the planet quiets, before the battling and anger are replaced with brotherhood and shared service. And we tell you that each day, that time draws closer; for in truth it is already here. What you conceive, what you pray for has already happened in the time of your choosing. We wander through what seems like bleak times and yet they are in fact the brightest. For the song has started anew, and once begun cannot be stopped. The family and friends from Inner Earth and distant stars, that you hunger to rejoin, are already singing with you. It is just for you to recognize again the frequency.

Listen for the tones that we send you. You will hear them with your ears and think them to be your imagination or the product of mechanics. But they are not; we are contacting you in our soul. We are reorienting you to recognize this frequency in your everyday world. You may hear a ringing or a chime. You may hear harps or a background of soft voices. You may hear a buzz or a simple tone. These sounds may last an instant or go on much longer. Know that it is the children reaching out to you. Playing back to you the song that we are all singing, training your ears and your human minds, to once again recognize and communicate this vibration.

When you are in bed at night, and the world of man-made objects around you is quiet, reach out with your hearing and your heart. Call to us with your intention and we will answer. Listen for the song that is beckoning us all home to a wonderful gathering of loved ones. You will hear it clearly then. And soon, the sound will become familiar and a part of your waking hours as well.

Sing with us and sing to us. Sing about us as we sing about you. Our love for you knows no boundaries, and our hearts play with yours always.

We love you.

PS. Please take note that this message from the Children of Telos, as a collective, is not necessarily given by young children, as we perceive children here on the surface. In Telos, beings are considered in a way still “children” at the age of 200 years of age. When beings are less than 200 to 300 years of age, in a way, they are children comparing to the elders who can be anywhere between 10,000 to 30,000 years in the same body.


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