Summer Solstice; a time for celebration after the exciting activities of Spring
planting. The Earth’s tilt towards the sun is at its maximum. At noontime in the
Northern hemisphere the sun is at its highest elevation. The farther North you
go, the more daylight hours you will experience.

The Solstice reminds us, at this time of year, to reflect inward, touching your
heart for growth and evolvement. As we wait for Spring energies to fully bloom
inside of us, we pause and reflect on our past endeavors. Have we expanded our
consciousness through enlightenment? Summer Solstice is the 2nd phase of
Earth’s trip around the sun; a beautiful time to honor the Light within.

As was mentioned in our Spring Newsletter, it is time to step up our participation
in creating our new Golden Age. This involves amplifying our group consciousness
using the “Cosmic Blue Ray and the Diamond Shining Love of the Violet Flame”.
By using these decrees, we have succeeded in raising the consciousness of those
around us. Our goal is to increase the momentum that is needed to reclaim our
emotional bodies and remove old doubts and fears. We must develop trust and
confidence in ourselves that we set in motion earlier. As we nurture each other,
we find purpose in developing a new process. This new goal includes bringing in
more government officials who have awakened to a 5th dimensional sentience of

This lovely time of year finds us transitioning from the planting (of seeds, ideas,
new challenges) to gathering the nourishment (of food, awakening knowledge)
that our sun (higher self) brings us. It is part of the spiritual growth plan that
everyone eventually experiences- a continuing journey from sleep to
enlightenment. This time of year is perfect to work on ourselves and find
meaning to our lives.

As we honor Summer Solstice, we can shift our attitudes of anxiety and
worry, release our negative feelings and reactions, and thus embrace our expanding
consciousness of love.

Re-focus your attention on what is truly important. Find your purpose in life.
Reflect on a bigger scale of goals than a simple singular one. Ask for Divine
guidance to release you from your old beliefs or viewpoints. Praise yourselves for
journeying on this precious path towards the God within.

Continue to use your own heavenly affirmations, prayers, and The Seven Sacred
Flames (by Aurelia Louise Jones) to open you to greater powers and freedom.
And never forget to be grateful for all that you have received.

And for one moment just bask in our sun’s nourishing rays, absorbing its energies
in every cell of your being, knowing that you are shining your own beautiful Light
out on our beloved world in need.

Jennifer H. Lutz
Telos USA Board Member


What you “become” as a divine being incarnated in a human experience
remains with you for eternity…
Start speaking less and pondering more the wonders and splendor of the God-within.
Adama, Telos Vol. 3



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Happy Solstice!
The Telos USA Team

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