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2023 Summer Solstice Newsletter


Summer Solstice; a time for celebration after the exciting activities of Spring
planting. The Earth’s tilt towards the sun is at its maximum. At noontime in the
Northern hemisphere the sun is at its highest elevation. The farther North you
go, the more daylight hours you will experience.

The Solstice reminds us, at this time of year, to reflect inward, touching your
heart for growth and evolvement. As we wait for Spring energies to fully bloom
inside of us, we pause and reflect on our past endeavors. Have we expanded our
consciousness through enlightenment? Summer Solstice is the 2nd phase of
Earth’s trip around the sun; a beautiful time to honor the Light within.

As was mentioned in our Spring Newsletter, it is time to step up our participation
in creating our new Golden Age. This involves amplifying our group consciousness
using the “Cosmic Blue Ray and the Diamond Shining Love of the Violet Flame”.
By using these decrees, we have succeeded in raising the consciousness of those
around us. Our goal is to increase the momentum that is needed to reclaim our
emotional bodies and remove old doubts and fears. We must develop trust and
confidence in ourselves that we set in motion earlier. As we nurture each other,
we find purpose in developing a new process. This new goal includes bringing in
more government officials who have awakened to a 5th dimensional sentience of

This lovely time of year finds us transitioning from the planting (of seeds, ideas,
new challenges) to gathering the nourishment (of food, awakening knowledge)
that our sun (higher self) brings us. It is part of the spiritual growth plan that
everyone eventually experiences- a continuing journey from sleep to
enlightenment. This time of year is perfect to work on ourselves and find
meaning to our lives.

As we honor Summer Solstice, we can shift our attitudes of anxiety and
worry, release our negative feelings and reactions, and thus embrace our expanding
consciousness of love.

Re-focus your attention on what is truly important. Find your purpose in life.
Reflect on a bigger scale of goals than a simple singular one. Ask for Divine
guidance to release you from your old beliefs or viewpoints. Praise yourselves for
journeying on this precious path towards the God within.

Continue to use your own heavenly affirmations, prayers, and The Seven Sacred
Flames (by Aurelia Louise Jones) to open you to greater powers and freedom.
And never forget to be grateful for all that you have received.

And for one moment just bask in our sun’s nourishing rays, absorbing its energies
in every cell of your being, knowing that you are shining your own beautiful Light
out on our beloved world in need.

Jennifer H. Lutz
Telos USA Board Member


What you “become” as a divine being incarnated in a human experience
remains with you for eternity…
Start speaking less and pondering more the wonders and splendor of the God-within.
Adama, Telos Vol. 3



Telos Weekly Conference Call:  Facilitators:  Marie Phillips and Sue Parry. New topics weekly.
The Teleconference Number is:  1-712-775-8972;   Code:  445613
 For more information:

Global Ascension Ceremony    Every 3rd Thursday of the month. Next ceremony July20th. Please contact Marie Philips or Sue Parry for instructions and more information. A lovely experience!

Study Groups and Ascension Ceremonies

Check Telos-USA for groups and ceremonies that may be in your area. If you are interested in forming a group or creating a ceremony, please contact Telos-USA

Happy Solstice!
The Telos USA Team

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December 2012

Lady Nada, Adama and Saint Germain, This Doorway to Love is Ready!

December 2012 ~Channeled by Ray Dawn, Mt. Shasta


Hello to you Dear Ones, it is Lady Nada here to explore with you your feelings of home and of Love. Love eternal and love everlasting..

We are here to be with you in this state of love, of it filling your hearts and allowing each of you to return home to this state within you. The Ascended Masters and I are one and you are one with us.

Each of your hearts holds this resonance with love! Do not forget this. Each of you feels separated from this love eternal in your own way. As a child who has been hurt and needs consolation.. Allow this consolation now.. Let it melt the resistance to love, let go of the pain and fear of lack and limitation..

Each of you can open that door now and allow in this great light.. This light is the light beyond all matter.. As this time is approaching on your planet.. We are all coming home again.. To no time, to all time, to Oneness.. In this oneness there is no lack, no fear, just trust and this great love.. The journey that led you to be upon this earth at this time is to feel all of this happening within you and through you, to awaken to who you really are while in form, to come home again to love now and within all your bodies as one– as one heartbeat– and to reside within the sphere of the earth as well to come into oneness with the earth,  with your solar system, and within the universal sphere as well!

This great symphony that is occurring is occurring now, right now within each of you.. As all time is truly in oneness we ask each of you to let go into the knowledge within you, within your heart, to guide you home to safety and love within your deepest self, and in your deepest places to find the truth.. To find love.. We are home with you in those moments of your choosing..

Hello as well it is I Adama! Yes to be in this resonance of home is what we are be-ing with each of you.. Now is the time to remember, now is the time to open to each heartbeat beating as one heart upon this earth.. Allow all else to fall away as each of you remember eternity.. For in eternity you are love and in this love you decided to come here and be it…-so, BE-it!

Yes, now is the time to move forward and to BE-LOVE.. This 12-12-12 and into the Dec 21st-2012 and beyond, this time is a marker to your emergence as a new species… a species of love that has returned to who we are– all in this together– One family in love we are… This love is all encompassing, it is forgiving, it is sacred, and it knows all!!

You know all, each of you, each of you are a part of this hologram of awareness, encoded with all knowledge, allow this remembrance within you now.. Welcome home upon this earth to be here in the fullness that you are.. This 12-12-12 is also an awakening within this planetary system and within this planetary sphere of her own knowledge, her encodements are coming online and meeting up with the galactic systems again.. Allowing her to remember as well who she is, for there has been sleepiness upon this sphere for so long.. All with purpose dear ones, for as the plants are growing in darkness the shoots emerge into the sun and once again rising to the surface to open forth and awaken from the slumber, to rise up from the darkness and into the eternal light.. Be not afraid of this occurrence, but breathe easy that you are here with purpose in these times, called forth and remembering your ancient gifts to be here fully and to fall into Love-again and again upon this earth.. Open your hearts!

Now is the time to do so, now is the time to open forth, all is at the ready, be not afraid and rise into the light, we are here with each of you to help support your emergence into love and so it is…

Yes and it is I, Saint Germain to be here as well! I had to show up to be here as well, for all time has led us to this time upon the earth! All the times we have all been a part of this process and yet it comes down to the simplest things.. Be here Now; Open your Heart and fall into Love! Truly to let go into it is the task at hand and we need each of you to do so for you are the organism that is creating this change, as each of you comes online into love, you awaken your hearts to emerge into eternity.. As you do so you let go of all fear and awaken to the truth, all love is here for you right now!

As you feel and see this and know it and begin to truly trust, you will create the greatest change to this system and forevermore- love upon this earth.. Awaken your heart now and know that this time is all time… We are one in this occurrence, this doorway to love is ready—you are ready. Trust your heart, let go into it, clear and release the fear and be at peace.. Join us all in this love.. Be easy..

We greet each of you with love for you are It! Always and eternally the flame burns bright and strong within each of you, rise up! Say Yes to love!! And so it is..

We thank you from All of us as One!

Love, and so it is…

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November 2012

Fall into Love ~

Channeled by Ray Dawn, Mt. Shasta

Adama Nov 2012


Hello to All of you.  It is I, Adama, here to speak to you, to speak to you of
the ways of the heart.

Each of you is here upon the Earth, and each of you is here with purpose.
This purpose is coming more into your frame of reference as a one-pointed
way of being. To be one pointed, we mean for you to carry a point of
oneness. Each of you has your own one-pointedness and through that is an
awareness of your own course and purpose of the life you are living.

To bring forth the purpose of this life you are choosing, we would ask each
of you to come with us on a journey of the heart. A journey into your own
heart space and to relax into the knowledge that you are safe and at home in
this resonance, as it is of love.

You are this love. This love is you at your core and all upon the Earth at this
time can choose this love as their point of view or point of reference as well!

We here in Lemuria are in this state of love in more moments of our choice.
We choose love and this love is a frequency, a vibration. Yes, you can
choose this as well upon the Earth, in your everyday life!

We are here to help each of you come into your own natural resonance with
Love. Love is all creation; it is the substance and strata of all life, the glue
that binds all together!

It is not always seen upon your world so easily…

We ask each of you to allow your point of reference, your one-pointedness,
to be in love. Let go into it. Allow all else to fall away as the leaves are
falling off your trees at this time, surrendering to the process of life…

Be easy with yourself as you feel you may not have all the answers to what
lies ahead, but allow the flow of life, your flow, your reference point, to be
immersed in love. It is your choice and right to do so!

We greet each of you with a warm welcome to this place and space that
is within you.. Within your very own beingness there is magic, there
are miracles; there is joy and upliftment. Allow yourself to open to all
possibilities of love in any moment!

Yes, sometimes the moment can feel overwhelming, “where is my choice
when I am bombarded by all that is not love?” Yet, you can choose in that
moment to orient your point of view to a beneficial awareness, to a moment
of choice. Create the awareness, in that moment, of a thought of love.

Relax into it, become grateful for the breath you have, let go into silence of
that moment and release the need to know the outcome. Come home unto
yourself and relax; breathe and let go…

When you do this, we are right here with you, breathing with you, holding
space with you, choosing love with you, for we are all…

In love we are your fellow brethren. We greet you in the heart space and
know that each of you is here in purpose, with great awareness… Each of
you is here to choose love, growth and awareness now, for all is truly love.
There is no difference, all is in the knowledge of life, life is eternal, it is
everlasting, and yet it is changing like the seasons, like the tide…

Be at ease with this process, like the seasons, and choose your frame of
reference wisely… Choose life, choose love and choose your purpose in that!

We greet you and we thank you, here in our heart space. Will you join us

In Love,

Adama and your Lemurian family

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May 2012

This is the ushering in of the Great Golden Crystal Age that is to be permanent upon this planet…


Dearest Folk on Earth,

We are the Crystal People, encased in crystal bodies, waiting deep underground to make your connection to our souls. Yes, we do have souls, as all elements are alive, awake and conscious of the world around them, all vibrating at various degrees of alertness.

Our depth is the cause for our clarity and brilliance of light, for we capture the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and it pulses within our encasement and sheen of pure crystal. We wait here silently, as surface folk go about their business of hurrying and scurrying about to make a ‘living’ for their very existence, when our existence just is, and we do nothing to stay alive, but bask in the Creator’s heartbeat deep within the Earth. It is this heartbeat that generates all we need, and gives us the nutrition, although we don’t ‘eat’ as you do, that we need for our growth.

Our advice to you is to connect to the Creator’s heartbeat, through the Earth herself, and you will be fed the food you need for your light-body to vibrate at the Creator’s frequency rather than the low beat of surface dwellers struggling for existence.

All is provided for you, you just forgot. Again, we mention the Anastasia books where she connects fully to the Earth and Nature Kingdoms and is provided with all she needs on every level.

We watch you from below, and yes, we can clearly see you all, as impossible as you may think this is, for our eyes are not like yours, and we see through our light substance that we are made of. We see beyond what you couldn’t imagine is possible – and we hear all that occurs on and in the Earth, for we are great receptors and great beacons of Light, although our bodies are small and diminutive compared to yours. It is not the size that counts, but the frequency of the Being that is encased in the body form. It is consciousness and frequency, and they go together to form the various degrees of Light that emanates from a body.

Bodies are just shells that hold Light, until we all move into our Light bodies that have no denseness surrounding them. As the frequency of Earth rises, humans are shedding their density and slowly rising in consciousness, becoming more and more aware of the Nature Kingdom around them. For you have all been living in a zoo, so to speak, just the opposite of what you created by keeping animals locked up. Well, you have been the ones locked up, with a fence surrounding your senses, keeping you away from the rest of the Nature Kingdom that is free outside the parameters of your perceptual fence that keeps you chained up inside, while we roam freely outside all around you, and you can’t even see us, hear us or feel our presence. You are the ones locked up in a zoo, while we are free.

So break your shackles and break out of your self-imposed prison cells, and break free of your mental constraints and meet us now – we are just a step away – and we have been waiting for you for eons of time. It is just a mental prison, a mental zoo you have enclosed yourselves in, and we are here to assist you to break free so that you can mingle with us all – all of Nature is waiting for you, and all of Nature is calling to you to BE WITH US NOW…we are all part of you…and you are part of ALL.

Well, what is keeping you back? Step outdoors and acknowledge our existence and acknowledge all the life teeming around you, just waiting for you to say ‘hello’.

We are abundant in stores around you…so go on a ‘shopping spree’ and buy us, and adorn your bodies with our magical glow, and hold us close to your heart, talking to us and caressing our smooth encasements that hold our great Light which we freely give to you.

Our message to you today is to BREAK FREE OF YOUR ZOO-LIKE EXISTENCE and merge with the life-forms teeming around you. There are hundreds of various forms of Elementals, Faeries, Gnomes, Elves all around you, busily working with the Trees, flowers, plants, grasses, and animals. They are literally surrounding you. They are in every garden, around every Tree. Just be aware of their existence and they will come into focus for you, and you will begin to feel their presence. Oh my, you are ‘not alone’ at all. If only you could see through ‘our eye’, you would be so surprised. Nor are you alone in the Universe, as some so foolishly believe.

One of the immutable Laws of Life is that we are never alone in existence. To exist, we must be part of the Whole. So we ask that you step into your ‘part’ now, which is the ‘whole’, and commune with us where you will be privy to all of existence and take your rightful place again by being consciously connected to the chain linking all life.

You broke the link. But you can re-connect it through your heart’s call. Just ask, and it is done.

Although we leave you for now, we never sever the connection. Our line always remains open, and so must yours. It is called ‘the life-line’ in human vernacular, isn’t it?

We bid you to keep the ‘life-line’ open, since it is your life, and you do want to continue it, don’t you? Well, you cannot do it alone, so bond with us now, and we will guide you unerringly every step of the way, right back to the Creator’s heart center, located inside you. No distance to travel. It has always been with you. It is you. So claim your divinity now, and you can merge with us in an instant.

We are the Forces of Light…We are the Crystal People stationed underground and we travel as one…Always. May your thoughts fly our way. Good day.

Channeled through Dianne Robbins, Mount Shasta, CA



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