2010 : The Year in Review


As the year draws to an end we would like to share some of the significant events and activities that occurred in 2010.

Mt. Shasta Events

Wesak: In mid May we participated in the 16th Annual Wesak Celebration in Mt. Shasta. In the Vedic tradition, Wesak is the celebration of the birth of Buddha. It is named for the legendary convergence of Buddha, Christ, and other Ascended Masters in the sacred valley of Wesak in the Himalayas during a full moon that is now called the “Buddha Moon” occurring in May of each year.

We decided to get our feet wet as a vendor this year and shared a booth with Mt. Shasta Light Publishing. In preparation for the event we had Telos-USA banners made and we also created a colorful 17- page booklet entitled, Telos & Mount Shasta…The Lemurian Connection to pass out to people totally unfamiliar with Telos or Lemuria. The booklet includes a brief sketch of Mt. Shasta, Lemuria & Atlalntis, the City of Telos, Adama…High priest of Telos, Aurelia Louise Jones who channeled the three volume set of Telos books, an introduction to Telos-USA and a suggested reading list. If you would like a free copy of the booklet we would be happy to send you one. Additional booklets may be purchased for $3.00 each plus shipping and handling charges. If you are interested in a free copy or want to purchase additional booklets please click on Contact Us on the home page (www.telos-usa.com). Shipping and handling: one booklet – $1.50. Add an additional $0.50 for each additional booklet. If you are interested in 10 or more booklets Contact Us for a discounted rate. Some folks attending the Initiatic Journeys this summer acquired ten copies to give to friends as a quick way to explain what Telos is and how to find out more information about the Lemurian teachings.

Wesak was a fun adventure for us as we had no idea what to expect. To our delight some people who knew nothing of Telos or Lemuria became intrigued including some local Mt. Shasta residents who had heard stories or legends about an underground city but never knew what Telos really is. Interestingly enough, the booklet caught the eye of a local bookseller who now sells it in their store. For information about the 2011 Wesak Celebration go to www.wesak.us.

The Best of Mt. Shasta: This summer Telos-USA participated in two of the Best of Mt. Shasta events held at Mt. Shasta Resort (Golf course & Country Club) which is a wonderful venue for both indoor and especially outdoor events with such a beautiful view of the Mountain. The weekend events featured local spiritual teachers, local authors, healers, shamans, artists, and crystal bowl masters.

As one of the many vendors we enjoyed the casual park-like atmosphere of the great outdoors where there was also a covered stage set up for musical entertainment. Here again we had fun meeting spiritual explorers who know of Telos as well as the people who didn’t. It was the first opportunity for many to discover the Telos books and learn of our organization.

Ascension Ceremonies: Once a month in Mt. Shasta Telos-USA invites the public to join us in an Ascension Ceremony in the sacred space of Victoria Lee’s home surrounded by portraits of Adama, Ahnahmar, St. Germain and photographs of Aurelia. It’s a pleasure for people to come together for the ceremony and be among kindred spirits focused on their personal as well as planetary Ascension.

Study Groups: This year Telos-USA established 8 regions to help facilitate Study Group activity across the country and to assist people interested in starting up new Study Groups. See the Study Groups tab on this website (www.telos-usa.com) for the locations of existing Groups. If you have a study group and would like to be placed on our website, please send us your information. If you are not near one of the groups listed there is a Teleconference Study Group available every Saturday morning that meets at 10:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time. The meetings are conducted by one of our Board Members, Wendy Weibel, or one of the other facilitators. If you are interested in joining this group please call Wendy at 530-925-9020 or send her an e-mail at wendyweibel@yahoo.com for further information. Currently the Teleconference Group is studying the Seven Sacred Flames book. The only requirement is to have read the chapter of the book currently being studied. In Mt. Shasta Wendy also conducts a Study Group on Wednesdays which includes an Ascension Ceremony immediately after the meeting.

National Events: While Mt. Shasta is our corporate headquarters we desire to gain exposure in other areas perhaps through venues such as Whole Life Expos and similar events. If you know of such venues in your area you feel are effective we would like to hear from you.

This year Lisa Fawcett who is on our Board of Directors conducted a one day seminar in New York City. She is a licensed therapist who has combined her professional skills with the Telos material and achieves wonderful results with her audience and private clients. In her seminars she introduces the spiritual significance of each Ray of Light and how to use the Rays to resolve unwanted patterns, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that leave us stuck and limited. She also shares the wisdom offered by the Ascended Masters to help us move into a life richer in love, abundance, peace, health, fulfillment, and joy. She also advises people on how to set up Ascension Ceremonies at home and those interested in beginning a spiritual practice she offers a written protocol to get started. Her seminars are experiential as well as instructional. Lisa participated in several Initiatic Journeys with Aurelia including the one in Kauai where a new column of Light was anchored in a sacred place on the island. Aurelia is the one who encouraged Lisa to create her unique one day seminar. Lisa lives in New York City and is available by phone or Skype for individual or group appointments. She can be reached at LHFawcett8@gmail.com or at 212-724-6959.

This past summer, Jennifer Lutz, another member of our Board of Directors conducted well received lectures in Sun City Center and in Bradenton, FL based on the Telos material. For the benefit of those new to the concept that our Earth is in fact hollow and home to highly advanced civilizations she introduces her workshops with the account of a 19th Century Swedish fisherman and his son who encountered tall Inner Earth beings who saved them from certain death in the arctic and escorted them into their inner world as welcome visitors. That adventure is the subject of “The Smoky God” written by Willis George Emerson. She also shares the more contemporary adventure of Admiral Richard Byrd who discovered the reality of the hollow Earth in his 1947 exploration flight over the north pole. His reports and diaries of that remarkable adventure were suppressed by the government but can be read in various websites. Jenn’s spiritual path that eventually drew her to the Telos books began in early childhood when her identical twin sister was tragically killed in an accident just before their 5th birthday. Her quest to know why this happened and find peace brought her angelic assistance to explain their pre-birth decisions and purposes for this incarnation. Jenn and her husband live in Florida in winter and New Hampshire in summer. She can be reached at 813-633-6066 in Florida, by cell phone at 603-997-2599 or lutzjh@aol.com.

Initiatic Journeys: This past summer the Lemurian Connection (www.lemurianconnection.com) under the auspices of Victoria Lee who is also at the helm of Mt. Shasta Light Publishing (www.mslpublishing.com) expanded the summer schedule of the traditional week long Intiatic Journeys to include a special Journey devoted to the Seven Sacred Flames which attracted many who have participated in previous journeys, some as recent as this summer. Members of Telos-USA living in Mt. Shasta offered logistical support and enjoyed meeting incredible people from all over the world. While all of the Ascended Master messages were profound, for those living in Mt. Shasta and those familiar with the mountain it was particularly exciting to be introduced to a new sacred site Adama refers to as the Doorway of Light. During the Seven Sacred Flames Journey, Paul the Venetian grounded a new portal for the Rose Pink Flame in the Red Fir Forest area. Many thanks go to Denise Laberge of Telos Worldwide Foundation in Montreal, who channeled the messages for all of the Journeys this past summer.

Journey to Israel and Turkey: This fall Victoria, as a good-will ambassador, traveled to Telos-Israel and participated in the activation of an important crystal beneath Jerusalem to create and support peace in that part of the world. In addition, she made a sentimental journey of sorts to Istanbul, Turkey to attend A Call for World Peace Conference (given by the World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation) out of respect for the people who had honored and invited Aurelia Louise Jones in 2009 to speak as a panelist at their conference. Because of failing health Aurelia was not able to attend. Aurelia was one of four panelists chosen from around the world.

Victoria who was Aurelia’s business partner, close friend and eventual care-giver toward the end decided to make the trek herself this fall to attend this year’s conference and meet the people who had contacted Aurelia last year.

The Year Ahead: From what the Ascended Masters have been sharing, 2011 will bring many changes and an increase in Ascension energy. As our calendar of events unfolds for the new year, we will post announcements on this website and by e-mail for those who are on our mailing list. If you are not currently a member or on our mailing list and would like to receive notices, please leave us a message by clicking Contact Us in this website (www.telos-usa.com).

Tax Deductible Donations: We thank you for your donations and remind you that all donations made to Telos-USA this year are tax deductible under our IRS status as a 501 (c) 3 Not for Profit Corporation. Your donations and support are welcome and greatly appreciated as they help us provide activities and tools to reach more people with the teachings of Telos.

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