Adama’s Guidelines for Study Groups
Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames.
Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones © Dec. 2007 – Mount Shasta
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Question: Adama, you mentioned the need for study groups to be established everywhere in the USA, and world-wide, for the purpose of a more in-depth understanding and integration of the material shared in the Telos books series and The Seven Sacred Flames channeled by the Ascended Masters through Aurelia. Could you give us practical advice or guidelines we need to apply to work with the highest efficiency?

Adama: Study groups are already set-up in several areas outside this country. It is a beginning and it keeps growing. We are very happy to notice the enormous spiritual progress made by those who diligently apply themselves to study and practice seriously the pearls of wisdom shared in the books we channeled through Aurelia.

It is not our intention to tell you exactly how to do it. It will be up to each person leading a study group in their area to decide the level of service that is comfortable for them. When you meet, decide how much time you want to spend together and make sure to honour that time, especially if you meet during the week with people who have to work the next day or must attend to children. They must return home at a reasonable time to prepare for their next day’s obligations.

In an evening, people usually meet in small groups of 3 to 10 persons in someone’s home. You decide how much time you want to spend together, usually a couple of hours. Begin your meetings with a prayer to open your heart to what you have gathered to receive. Invite your guides, ascended masters of your choice and those of Telos to accompany and support you. Participants then take turns to read the material chosen, one or more paragraphs at a time, remembering to breathe in the energy, the new wisdom just received and to integrate it within the heart. Then people in the group take a few minutes to discuss the deeper meaning of what they have just read.

It is important for each participant to remain focused on what the group is trying to deepen in their consciousness and not be side tracked into other topics during your meetings. If you wish to socialize among yourselves, it is best to chose another time. During your meetings, never allow yourself to get distracted into other topics such as political issues, work and personal experiences or problems. Your study group time is not the time and place for bringing these issues. It is a time of deepening your consciousness and uniting with your True Self.

When you allow yourselves to be distracted from the object of your meeting, the high level energy vibration created by your intention at the beginning greatly diminishes and you lose some of your momentum for that meeting. When this behaviour is allowed to repeat itself each time you meet, most participants’ goals are not met and they soon lose interest. We have observed again and again this tendency for a few participants in most groups to side track during prayer or study group meetings. This allowance, beloved ones, is the main cause for the lack of personal and collective growth certain groups have experienced in the past. When growth is not attained, interest is lost; after a while the meetings are discontinued.

The group leader: It is vital that the person taking responsibility for conducting study groups be knowledgeable of our teachings and have prepared themselves for such an important planetary service. It is important that a person wanting to conduct a study group in their home have not only read our books once, but have studied our material in depth. How else would they be able to answer accurately the many questions the participants need clarification. The group leader must remain vigilant at all time by gently bringing the participants back to their study when the focus and the energy change. If a participant continues to create a problem of diverting the attention, that person should be asked gently but firmly to refrain from coming to the meetings until a greater understanding is attained and the behaviour changed.

I also strongly recommend that each participant acquire the prayer booklet published by Aurelia and a few prayers be recited together with each meeting. Prayers and invocations recited with the heart in groups hold a greater momentum.

Before closing your meeting, allow a 5 to 10 minute silent meditation/contemplation to assist each participant with the integration of the energy before they return to their regular life situation. When the time allotted for the meeting is up, the leader or a participant makes a short closing invocation to seal the energies. Once in a while, but not each time, it would be lovely that you enjoy social time before or after your meeting to strengthen the heart connections you are building together.

Remember that our material contains keys of transformation at 40 levels of understanding that will open the doors of divinity within you, but only if you apply this wisdom diligently in all aspects of your life. People who are serious about their transformation and who meet regularly, form by their studies, a strong cradle that nurtures your intention to create your enlightenment and evolve your consciousness to full maturity and spiritual mastery. Know that each study group is assigned three guides from Telos or other Lemurian cities of the Agartha network. Our guides will accompany members of each group during your gatherings and will continue to assist you between your meetings.

As you read our words with an open heart, pay attention to the deeper meaning of the written word. Discover the words between the words, the lines between the lines and the paragraphs between the paragraphs not printed in the book that we whisper into your heart and soul for your enlightenment.

If you read a text only once, it feeds your mind. When you read profound teachings several times with an open heart, the words become alive within you and the wisdom deepens until it becomes a state of Beingness within your soul.

In Telos, we have integrated all the wondrous keys of Christ consciousnsess and it is our profound desire to share them with you. Our books contain all the keys you will need to create within yourself a consciousness of magic, miracles and your ascension by 2012 if you diligently apply yourself. Ascension, the goal of life, remains a potential until it happens. You must desire it above anything else in order to create it.

I am Adama at your side to champion your victory.


 Other Guidelines for Study Groups

Notes from Aurelia Louise Jones/Mount Shasta Light Publishing©2007©2009

(Please note: this document has been left unaltered with Aurelia’s sharing at the bottom of the page. Aurelia made her transition in July, 2009)

The purpose of establishing study groups is to deepen your understanding of the Lemurian teachings of Telos for personal and planetary Ascension in the Age of Enlightenment.

For your studies, the group leader will chose the book or material the group desires to study together. It would normally be indicated to start with Telos, Volume 1, and when finished, move on to the others one by one. Between meetings, the participants will apply themselves to practice what they are learning through their studies to become one with it. If done diligently and with constancy, the group study of a book would take a few months. It is important that you also take to read and study the material on your own at home so that each person brings a more mature contribution to self and to the group. The more energy you invest into it, the deeper it gets and the faster your life will transform.

Each time you meet, endeavour to read part of a chapter; but the rest of the chapter should be read at home several times by each participant. The next time you meet, you discuss with the group the points that touched you the most or the ones you need to clarify. Be willing to do your homework diligently by taking good notes. In fact, be innovative!  Create a workbook that you will use as your very own tool for your enlightenment. During your time together, each participant reads aloud a paragraph or two, depending on the length, and then stops to allow the sharing with other participants. Briefly discuss with each other the deeper meaning of what you just read, paragraph by paragraph. Be sure to remain on target with your topic and avoid bringing other issues into your focus.

Keep the awareness that the masters of the Light Realm are at your side each moment ready to assist you. Allow yourself more direct communication with them through your heart chakra. Let your love, your joy, your peace and all your other inner qualities radiate through you each moment of your life and particularly during your meetings. As you open your heart to greater joy, the doors of heaven will open wide to fill you, to support you and to bring the greatest healing and transformation into your life.

I have much experience with holding study groups in my home. It has prepared me for my present work and mission and I have been greatly blessed by this contribution. In the past, from 1983 to 1998, wherever I lived, I held study group meetings in my home a few times a month. In 1994, while in Montana, Masters El Morya and Saint Germain asked me to start another weekly study group in Livingston where I lived and offered their sponsorship. I felt honoured to accept their offer and I held classes in my home weekly, without fail, for four years, until I was invited to move to Mount Shasta in 1998 to be prepared for a greater work.

I had then completed my work in Montana and was released of that commitment. I was not yet working with Adama at the time. It was Sananda who informed me that since I had proven to be diligent and reliable with a smaller commitment, I was now being prepared for a much greater ring of service that would one day become worldwide. At the time, I did not have the least understanding of what this meant and how it could manifest, but I followed that guidance. Now, a few years later, I realize that my ring of service has indeed become worldwide. It evolved very gradually at first, and it is now expanding exponentially. This is, my friends, the miracle of unconditional service given without expectation. When you offer yourself in service to God, be certain that you will be used. Not always immediately, but in the right timing, God will use your heart to be his hands and feet on the earth. Thus prepare yourself well for the privilege and blessing of serving in this manner. It will do much in your advancement towards Ascension. Whatever you do, be sure to always do it in the “Aloha or Lemurian Vibration, the vibration of Love.”

To qualify for Ascension one must engage in planetary work and selfless service. It is a requirement. Sponsoring and participating in study groups is a wondrous way to open yourself to the Ascension initiations. If you need more guidance with starting a group in your home, do not hesitate to contact our office.

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