2018 Spring Newsletter
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Greetings Friends of Telos.

Well, Spring has sprung in the northern Hemisphere, much to the delight of eager gardeners anxious to start digging up the dirt for spring planting. Some of us cannot resist playing a game with Jack Frost, but often lose end up heading back to the nursery for more tomato plants.

Those familiar with the Telos material know that horticulture in Telos is entirely different from our methods in that they grow their vegetables hydroponically, rather than in soil like we do. Another major difference is they don’t have winter, but rather live in a uniform atmosphere throughout the year.

Despite these differences in weather and growing methods, both methods involve feminine energies that bring forth the produce. Earth and water are feminine elements. Air and fire are masculine energies. While heat from the sun can dry developing seeds and air can distribute seeds of dandelions for example, neither are capable of producing plants and new seeds. Yet, both are necessary, working synergistically with the elements of earth and water.

This polarity of masculine and feminine energies is found throughout nature, in all kingdoms of life, except for the human race where it has long been corrupted. The greatest crime against humanity to man throughout their long evolution has been the deliberate denial and suppression of the Divine Feminine which is the very source of our creativity, genius, passion, will, determination, love, conscience, compassion, grace and infinite wisdom. Is it any wonder then, that those who have desired to manipulate, dominate, and control humanity out of greed would have kept from us the knowledge and power of our feminine energy?

The ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria were supposed to represent complementary energies of Light and Love, but both were destroyed through the misuse of technology. Today the lineages of survivors from the loss of both continents live in harmony with one another in their subterranean cities, Telos being the largest of the Lemurian populations. They learned their lesson the hard way and it would appear we are dragging our feet today with talks of nuclear war and divisive governments mired in political stagnation. What will change the equation? The continued quest for Truth and a direct connection with the God Self dwelling within us all that has long waited for our recognition. That is the connection that our Lemurian friends in Telos achieved long ago, allowing them to immortalize their bodies and reclaim their divinity.

Our Telosian friends continually remind us to live from the heart. In Volume 3 of the Telos books of Aurelia Louise Jones, “Protocols of the Fifth Dimension,” Ahnahmar of Telos tells us, “To return to full consciousness as divine beings, it is imperative that you now begin to turn the leaderships over to the heart and allow again the heart to rule rather than the mind.” As science has brought advances in artificial intelligence, there are those such as the late Stephen Hawking who warn of the dangers of AI which lack the conscience, discernment, wisdom, and essential harmlessness of the heart.

One of the side effects of living from the heart is that eventually the altered ego becomes tamed, then healed, so that the mind can once again function as originally intended by our Creator. Instead of our altered ego keeping us in a state of chaos, fear, judgment, blame, condemnation, guilt, shame, faulty perceptions, divisiveness, and the incessant yama-yama, the healthy ego that we non-physical spiritual beings need to function in a physical world can return to collecting and filing the data it receives from our senses. Then our minds can once again work in balanced harmony with our hearts and lead us through the resurrection and ascension achieved by our Telosian friends so long ago.

Living from the heart can be considered living from the inside out rather than the outside in, which only keeps us in constant stress and struggle as we react to events in the outer world. Living from the heart is doing what makes our hearts sing, or as the late Joseph Campbell said, “following our bliss.” That kind of passion unleashes the genius, the gifts and talents we all have but sadly the suppression of the Divine Feminine has kept them from being realized. When we regularly are experiencing peace, harmony, synchronicity, serendipitous events, more frequent experiences of joy, then we know we are living from the heart, as sovereign beings of Light and Love. As we watch the Academy Awards of Hollywood or listen to television shows like America’s Got Talent we are seeing living examples of people who are following their bliss.

We could consider the sowing of seeds in our spring gardens as a metaphor of our lives. Sooner or later we all come to the place where we know we are creator beings of consciousness and not our bodies. As such we all create our own realities by virtue of the seeds of thoughts, feelings, and words we plant in the garden of our consciousness. In a climate of political turmoil, continuing acts of violence, and environmental disasters the challenge for us is to be able to respond to the events of the world from the love, wisdom, compassion, discernment and forgiveness dwelling within our hearts and avoid the trap of the altered ego that wants to react to disturbing events with fear, worry, judgment, blame, condemnation and desire for revenge or punishment. Living from the heart is our path to the sovereignty, freedom, immortality, and the technology enjoyed by our friends living in Telos. As we’ve said before, they are living the future that awaits us surface dwellers.

Written by William Johnson, Telos USA Board Member

“Be ready and willing to learn anew and have the courage to step into the unknown reality of Love and Magic. Love is the only true power; start living your life in that vibrational frequency from the inside out.”
Adama, Taken from The Seven Sacred Flames, The Ascension Flame

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Happy Spring to All!

The Telos-USA Team

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