Adama Channeling

With Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Adama. I have Rosealea, an elder from Telos, with me. Together we hold a balanced energy from Telos, a Lemurian City left over from Lemuria. We reside below Mount Shasta.

In Telos we have been holding the full glory of a Christed awakened humanity and Earth for thousands of years. We have been preparing, along with you, for these times of change and challenge. We hold the Light for all who choose to become awakened.

As times become more tumultuous for the surface of the Earth we work with the energies to maintain some balance and order. We come from our hearts in all that we do and look forward to time when humanity will do the same. The truth is that much more can be accomplished when one comes from the heart. The intelligence of the universe resides in the human heart; one only needs to listen.

Imagine as we do what the Earth would be like if people were loving and heart centered. We know that happiness would be the key principle of life. The lessons of separation of the third dimension would be learned. Love will prevail.

Here in Telos we are in touch with generations going back and forward. Time as you know it does not exist. We live in the spiral of time so we can be with our ancestors of the past as well as those of the future. We are designing the most beautiful future together with you. Think of what we can achieve.

To begin this process re-imagine the life that you are now living. Even if you are pleased with all that is present in your life you can always magnify more of what you have. We are talking about the emotions, feelings, beliefs, purpose and reason for your incarnation, relationships, and much more. Your abundance will be a given. This is why you will be able to focus qualitatively on your life. You will not have to worry about making money like you need to do right now in third dimension.

It is the quality of life that will change immensely as the ascension process continues. Many life lessons have been learned in the third dimension. You will be able to set them aside and create a new image of yourself and your life. Your consciousness will be far beyond what it currently is and your bodies will be healthy. You will feel good. There could be some adjustments for humanity with all of this good.

The vibration of Light that is coming currently from the Creator is strong. We feel it here. It is impacting every particle of life to its fullest extent. See if you can feel this and experience what I am saying. Even your plants, animals and insects are lighter. We encourage you to focus on this energy in your everyday practices. It will help you rise above the challenges that you find around you and on the planet.

We invite you to come to Telos in your dreams. Ask to remember your visits with us. Together we can achieve our goals for the Earth and for life on the Earth.

Sometimes we will whisper in your ear and other times we will tug at your heart. However we touch you whether in your dreams, through reading our writings, or via any other means, we are a part of you and you are a part of us.

Let us work together to see what we can achieve that is far beyond your ordinary third dimensional experience. It is time to transcend and to ascend in a process in which we are bound together and in which we are bound to succeed.

I am Adama sending you love from Telos.

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©2011 Valerie Donner


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