In Honor of World Peace Day
September 21, 2021

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It is known that Creator Source gifted us with a world that provides us with everything we need to live.  Source has also gifted this planet with us, human beings, who are the care takers of our beautiful Earth.  As children of Creator, it is our responsibility to maintain a globe worthy of life, keeping it pristine, healthy, and sustainable for all who share this home with us.  This is our Truth.

We humans occupy the whole planet.  We live on continents, in countries, making our homes in small and large communities.  If we look closely around us, opening our hearts and minds to the common good, we find that all life wants the same thing-food, shelter, a clean environment, and peaceful living with abundant love and friendship.  There is no need to conquer each other when ONE GLOBAL HEART works together.  Each continent has wonderful natural resources to offer each other.

As we think, we are feeding the “global consciousness” with our thoughts.  These thoughts influence “the mental atmosphere of human thought and feeling that surrounds the planet.”  Each one of us pays the price because our emotions share this mind belt with the emotions and thoughts of every other human being on the planet.  The subconscious is immersed in it whether we are aware or not.

So, is it not better to fill the atmosphere with expressions of love and peace than to go about in a negative mood that pulls you down?  We are all human, and it’s hard to be positive all the time, but REMEMBER- WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!  We are the Lightworkers of this world.  Breathe in that Love, that Light, and then send it out around the Earth to share with everyone else!  This is our opportunity to give back to the planet, raising the energy of the global perception.  Do this as often as you think about it, for not only will it change your own state of being but will help heal our precious planet during these times of dis-ease.

Written by
Rev. Jennifer Lutz
Telos USA Board Member


Planet Earth In Hands

Tribute to Mother Earth

Oh! Mother, my tears fall upon your face.
I just remembered….
We, the Lightworkers have returned…
To spread our Web of Love around you.

From distant stars and galaxies,
From lives past, present and future,
We come to guide your healing.
We, the Lightworkers, one soul to another,
Touch the hearts of many each day.
With each recognition, we laugh, smile and cry.
Our Love is abundant, flowing, shimmering.

We, the Lightworkers, in perfect joy
Quietly expand Unconditional Love.
Spin now ever so gently as you warm yourself.
For we, the Lightworkers are back
From eons behind and ahead.
May Love, Laughter and Tears of Joy
Rain now and forever more upon your face.

~Author unknown, Thank You for the Prayer!

You can read this prayer in Angelo’s Message by Aurelia Louise Jones






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