Greetings and Happy Fall!

With the arrival of Fall, the peaks of Mount Shasta above Telos are finally reaching up into clear skies after being shrouded for months by toxic smoke from wildfires that destroyed so many homes and forests. Visitors coming from around the world to reconnect with the mountain and the energies of Telos had to endure the smoke that obscurred the mountain most of the time.

While fires raged on the surface, our Lemurian brothers and sisters living in Telos continued to enjoy the beauty, peace and harmony of their refuge inside the mountain. They must wonder why it is taking us surface dwellers so long to realize how our unending human discord is fueling the violent response of the nature elements around the world causing such suffering and loss. Thanks to mass media we are able to see in real time the result of of continued abuse and disregard for the welfare of our planet and of our failure to overcome the racism, hatred, mysogeny, judgement, divisiveness, and selfishness still rampant in the world.

The solution to our human maladies and global turmoil can be found in the teachings of our Lemurian brothers and sisters whose message is, and always has been, to live from the heart  rather than the intellect of the mind conditioned only by experiences of the past. Living from the heart does not include fear, worry, distrust, or judgement, all of which rob us access to our own personal power and sovereignty.

Living from the heart is taking our attention off the problems or challenges we may face and knowing that within the peace and harmony of the heart is the power and wisdom which knows the perfect solution based on the potentials and possibilities of the future that can transform what has been. Living from the heart will always be the message from our Telosian friends.

Many of us living in Democracies have an opportunity to make a difference, to be part of creating the changes we want to see in the world. The trick is to see duality, good people/bad people, and divisiveness for what they are, tools of those who want humanity to remain pawns, disconnected from their power and continue to be slaves to the system of domination and control that must come to an end. How different the world will be when voters in the free world cast their ballots with a hand over their hearts and inwardly consider, “What is the most constructive decision I can make here that will benefit the planet and the generations to come?” and allow the answer to come from the wisdom of their hearts.


Article written by William Johnson, Telos-USA Board Member

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