Dear Friends,
This may be the last monthly channeling from Denise Laberge.
We are so grateful to Denise for all her channelings these past years and for her beautiful heart. 

April Message from Adama

Channeled by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation
Montreal, Canada

Adama 72 dpi

I am Adama, a life alchemist

In this period of awakening of nature and its vital forces, I invite you to take a fresh look at your life or rather, at what you believe to be your life.

The ice crystals in an ice block can more easily experience separation than the drops of water in the ocean. The slower vibrational frequency in the ice feeds the illusion of separation. The density in which you move has forced you to look at life and feel life from a very limited point of view. You are living this unique period in a planet’s life where the references, which had served as the foundation for the establishment of the rules of the game you wanted to experiment, are disintegrating gradually.

The energy of fluidity affects all strata of life now on earth. This fluidity affects all the emotions, the thoughts, the matter in every element of this dimension. This leads to changes that cause turmoil. Here is an example: if you were carrying since your birth a vibrational charge of rebellion against authority, which could not be expressed because of your family values and upbringing, then the occurring changes would push you to express this rebellion. You cannot refrain or ignore this any more. The fluidity penetrates the energy barriers which held the expression of that emotion and you have no other choice but to express it. This energy flow, which currently surrounds earth, is transforming all that prevents the principle of unity from manifesting. It pushes you towards unity and the unification of all the elements of life.

Your perception of yourself is very important; it shapes your life at all levels: mental, emotional and even physical. This perception acts as a manager and it rules your influence on your own life and your place in the world. This perception envelops you completely and it interacts with all creation. Knowing that the energies of fluidity surrounds the earth at the moment and that these energies are active, I invite you to welcome them and integrate them into your world. Imagine and feel this free flowing light going through you, and its frequency transforming you every second.

It is time for each of you to be reborn to your true nature. The fluidity, currently enveloping you, affects everyone. It shakes you from the inside starting at your heart chakra. Your heart releases in you these frequencies of transformation. That explains why you question your relation to yourself, as well as your place in the universe. You try to find the reason of your existence, you feel bad about yourself because it seems that what you have lived until now does not fulfill you anymore. You are searching. You feel the discomfort of not living the purpose of your presence here on this earth in this dimension because you have never lived your own life, the one which defines you and is in harmony with your heart.

The news is that all is good. The fluidity is working in you. It is breaking down the walls, the energetic frequencies that prevent you from living your life. Invite the Resurrection Flame and the Love Flame into your life, into your daily activities to facilitate the integration of this fluidity which will free you despite yourself.

You belong to life. The more you feel that connection with it, the more your mission, your purpose can be heard in your heart. Open yourself to life, trust it and let it guide you. Do not waste time to fret in fear and anxiety. Develop your trust and feel that you now belong to the life One. This life One that takes great care of you.

I envelop you with all the love of the fluidity.

I am Adama, who is one with life.

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