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These times of unprecedented circumstances with months of corona virus chaos and escalated, heightened emotions attached to the upcoming election have no doubt given rise toward self reflection on numerous levels. Where do we stand in the midst of all this? How do we stay centered and find balance in our moments? How do we define our passions and our compassion? How do we maintain respect and tolerance for other points of view? So many questions to contemplate and the answers will vary within each of us.

The wisdom and teachings from Telos and the Lemurian Heart are ever present. The Telosians are living in a world where Love, Peace, Harmony and Beauty exist without question. Living from the heart is a given and non-judgement is embedded in that fifth dimensional way of life. In our world we are still dealing with the polarities and strong divides that keep us separate rather than coming together. The strong political issues of the day are perfect examples and sometimes volatile, such as: racism, bigotry, xenophobia, misogyny, women’s reproductive rights, and the environment, to name a few.  The key is how we handle ourselves, how we live and how we become the example we choose to be.

Closing words from Adama, High Priest of Telos

“Let’s all embrace and welcome the dawning new world. As
the Phoenix rises out of the ashes, a brand new world of divine love and
perfection will rise up with the crumbling of all your old limiting belief systems. You
will let go of outmoded governmental systems of control and manipulation that you
have been programmed with for eons of time.”


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~ The allowing of self-compassion moves you into the vibration of Grace.
View ALL from a perspective of Compassion and Trust,

 for these are the true energies that empower us. ~


(Telos Book Series Card Deck)


Reminders: Don’t forget to VOTE!

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