Greetings, Everyone. 

Welcome to Spring Equinox 2022. 

As our ever-changing world scrambles for the voice of freedom from so many different sources, we say prayers of reverence and gratefulness to a globe in evolution.  Will we break this circle of chaos?  In the Telos books by Aurelia Louise Jones, she tells us that our brothers and sisters from Telos declare a vibrant “YES!”
It is good to experience change.  It is good to try and improve what we have.  But we know in our hearts that violence is never the answer.  Our Inner Earth family has also experienced transformation and learned thousands of years ago that negative revolutions cannot bring about a positive difference.  There are records that tell us about the wars between the Lemurians and Atlanteans where two beautiful continents were destroyed and now rest at the bottom of the sea.  They quickly learned that it took a heart-centered consciousness and the collective consciousness of civilization to create a land built on love and peace.  The efforts of all were great in order to generate a political design that initiated an armistice of harmony and amity among the peoples of the earth at that time.  In order to find that peace, they had to travel down inside Mother Earth.
Spring Equinox is the perfect time to start on this journey.  Now it is our turn to find that same design; to learn to live and cohabitate together, working as one unit, to reconcile and re-create a pristine world built on love!  As we learn the ancient techniques that are taught in Telos, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, we find that they apply to any era that we live in.  Our Inner Earth families, the great masters, our planetary relatives all want to see us succeed in this endeavor- indeed, they insist that we will be successful.  We have but to raise ourselves to a heart-centered consciousness and spread this good will as we communicate with others.
Now is the time, dear ones, with new beginnings.  The grass is growing, trees and plants are budding, and the bears are coming out of hibernation as the Great Mother awakens again.  It is time for us to wake up, too, and embrace the love “that makes the world go ‘round.”  It is time for the next Golden Era to begin.

Rev. Jennifer H. Lutz
Telos-USA Board Member


“Return to nature, dear ones; it will not fail you.

Open your heart and consciousness to the other kingdoms of the Earth.

You will discover how magical and harmonious they are. ~ Adama



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Happy Spring Equinox!
The Telos-USA Team

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