A Message from Telos
“It has been said many times that this planet is rapidly moving forward with the necessary shifts that will allow Her to exclusively host an enlightened civilization. This means my friends, that in a not-so distant future the Dark Age on this planet will fade away. Our two civilizations will unite as one, including the children, for the glorious ascension we have been awaiting for so very long.
“Let’s all embrace and welcome the dawning new world. As the Phoenix rises out of the ashes, a brand new world will rise up with the crumbling of all your old limiting belief systems. You will let go of outmoded governmental systems of control and manipulation that you have been programmed with for eons of time.
“Compare the Earth to the Phoenix. She will rise and take you along with Her. But first, you must let go of all that no longer serves you. You must be willing to let go of the old outmoded way of life that has kept you in limitation and pain for so long. The ashes represent the purification that the Earth and all humanity will first go through. Your future is bright, my friends. Keep your hopes alive for yourself and your children. A most wondrous world is awaiting them and this is why they are here. They will show you the way; in their soul they already know how.” *
* From a discourse in Telos Volume 1, Revelations of the New Lemuria, by Aurelia Louise Jones, Mount Shasta Light Publishing.
Greetings Friends,
A year ago at this time of the Spring Equinox we spoke of how the rising of the 5th Sun on 12-22-12 marking the beginning of the 7thGolden Age was affecting us personally, nationally and globally. It may be interesting to look at how those influences are affecting us now, particularly when contrasted to the realities achieved by those living in Telos and the other advanced societies which remain largely unknown to the surface dwellers of the planet.
Secrets exposed. One of the effects we mentioned was that when something has been hidden and then exposed to Light, it becomes visible, known and hidden no more. A year ago it was the Panama Papers that took the prize for exposing the offshore accounts used by the financial elites of the United States, Russia, England and many other countries to avoid taxes on their huge incomes. At the present time the US elections demonstrated continued chaos, divisiveness, distrust, turmoil, and uncertainty of where the truth lies.  In Telos and other 5th Dimensional cities the truth is always known and cannot be concealed; it is not even possible to lie, as all communication is telepathic.
Delayed assistance.  At this time of the 5th Spring Equinox of the 7th Golden Age we see how the increased Light reaching the planet from our physical sun, is affecting the world of politics and corporate greed. It would be interesting to know what our sisters, brothers, and friends living in Telos, the Agartha Network and the Inner Earth are thinking as they witness what we are doing on the surface to each other, to our planet, our environment, and to ALL Kingdoms of Life that share this planet. While they look forward to the day when they will be able to share their highly advanced technology to assist us, they cannot do so unless we shift our awareness. As we continue to wave our nuclear swords and pour billions of dollars into weapons of war, they must remain silent watchers and wait for humanity on the surface to awaken to the Truth of their spiritual reality and the Oneness of all Life.
Free, non-polluting energy.  Our Telosian friends enjoy and live this 100% of the time. This is their natural state of living. Global warming, the carbon blueprint and air pollution on the Earth’ surface are still ignored or denied around the world by many. There are a number of leaders around the world who do not understand that it is the oil in the earth that allows the tectonic plates to move and slide over one another without catastrophic collisions triggering deadly earthquakes. The critical infrastructure of this planet Earth supports our survival and evolution and needs to be taken into more serious consideration.
Healthcare is a non-issue for those living in Telos. They have immortalized their physical bodies and no longer experience the change called death. As for humans in this dimension, death creates the opportunity to return and try again to awaken to the Truth of our own divinity and immortality. Healthcare in the United States has become a political football and we still have yet to create a comprehensive, universal system inclusive for all. The film “Where to Invade Next” by Michael Moore is highly recommended.

Oligarchy and plutocracy. These types of governments are unheard of in Telos where there is no currency, no banks, no financial institution and no Wall Streets. Abundance and well-being are the reality for all Telosians because they individually and collectively are sovereign masters of their own destiny…with harm to none, synchronized with nature and the elements. Here on the surface we may proclaim, “In God we Trust, but presently money seems to have the upper hand in our distorted reality. In Telos the Lemurians are living their Divinity and expressing the fullness of the God Presence within them. While they live peacefully and abundantly from the wisdom of their Heart, we on the surface are still mired in human duality.
Education. Those of us familiar with the Telos material will recall that the children of Telos are taught English as well as other languages along-side their telepathic Lemurian language. In the not too distant future there will be direct, benevolent contact and communication between our civilizations. Their education system is highly advanced and their children use computers that are part of a computer network run by amino acids, a living force, which allows them to tap into the akashic records where they gain information unheard of by surface humanity. By comparison, the American school system which has left all children behind, the children of Telos enter adult life with social and art skills as well as the fundamental knowledge of the world including sexuality.
* Many thanks to William Johnson, Telos-USA Board Member for his contributions for the 2017Spring Newsletter.
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