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The arrival of Spring in the northern hemisphere is a time of renewal, resurrection and the end of winter dormancy. This can also be a valuable time to renew what we know about the significance of the 5th Sun which rose on 12­22­12. Having recently celebrated the 4th Spring Equinox of the 7th Golden Age it is interesting to reflect on how that event is affecting us now.

As we approached the Winter Solstice in 2012 a few doomers and gloomers were righteously anticipating an Armageddon, with hysteria not unlike what they exhibited prior to Y2K. On the other hand there were those of us cautiously looking forward with glimmers of hope for a new world of peace and the diminishing of the darkness that has permeated civilization for eons of time.

As we look back over the past 4 years we see that the predictions from the Ascended Master Realm have proven to be accurate, that things would get worse before they get better. It’s sobering yet helpful to know this so we do not let the events in the outer world shake us from our spiritual Truth and Power, which allow us to make a positive difference in a world of turmoil. No matter what happens in the world, our strength and power lies in remembering this is but a period of transition from the old energy of manipulation, domination and control of the Piscean Age into the Light & Love of the Age of Aquarius.

While violence, prejudice, terrorism, environmental destruction, and new diseases persist on the surface of the planet, the Lemurians of Telos living inside Mount Shasta, Mount Lassen and other cities, together with the Atlanteans and other members of the subterranean cities of the Agartha Network watch in dismay at what is happening on the surface. Likewise those living within our hollow Earth must likewise be aghast and are grateful to know that an electronic shield has been put in place by the Ascended and

Angelic Realms, ensuring that those on the surface cannot do permanent damage to those living below.

Backtracking to the 5th Sun rising on 12­22­12, we recall that the intended increase in the frequency of light reaching Earth from the Sun would have been catastrophic in that our physical garments would have disintegrated. Helios and Vesta, our God Parents in the physical sun, had to radically downstep that frequency to a safe level that would slowly and continuously increase as Earth continues on Her long delayed path of Ascension. Some of us notice the effect of the increasing light as subtle but noticeable changes in our bodies which are of no concern as long as we know such things can be expected and we need not run off to a doctor.

Various Ascended Masters have told us that mankind is effectively 10 years behind in the human evolution that was anticipated. Such is the influence of the sinister force. This delay in our spiritual awakening and growth can explain why our Telosian friends were not able to make contact with us as early as they had planned. Their intention was to begin connecting with us around 2012. If we were to project that delay forward perhaps 2022 would be a more realistic date for receiving an invitation to enter Telos for a visit.

Another effect of the 5th Sun rising has been the validation that when something has been hidden and then exposed to light it become visible and hidden no longer. In the past 4 years we’ve witnessed more and more lies and corruption coming to light in the worlds of government, politics, banking, corporations, medicine…the list is endless. Most recently the Panama Papers have exposed nefarious financial activities of national leaders in Russia, England, Iceland and others. As the light continues to increase so will such disclosures. In Telos there is nothing hidden nor is there even the possibility of lying because truth is known by everyone living in 5th Dimensional energy. At the same time hidden things are coming to light, so too are individuals around the world uncovering the Light of their own being. Spiritual awakening is occurring within every religion, culture, and nationality that is evidenced by books such as Dying to be Me, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, Leaving the Saints and so many others.

The joy of knowing the reality of Telos is that they are living the reality that awaits us, a reality they are eager to share with us when we come out of the darkness remaining. What is encouraging is that the dawning to the Age of Aquarius brings with it the return of the Feminine Principle of the Universe, long suppressed during the Piscean Age. As a Creator Race we have been mired so long in the nightmare of duality, good vs. evil/light vs. dark, that we have forgotten about the polarity of Life that embraces both the Light of the Masculine Principle and the Love of Feminine Principle. It could be said that the Fall from Grace was the loss of Life’s polarity and stepping into the experiment of duality. We recall that Lemuria primarily embraced the Feminine Principle while Atlantis embraced the Masculine Principle. When we speak of the Heart of Lemuria it is the Power and Presence of Love we are speaking of. The Lemurians and Atlanteans have long since found balance and now work together in conjunction with the Ascended realms and other planets in our solar system, particularly Venus and Jupiter.

The divisiveness in the American government and current drama of heated political campaigning stand in such marked contrast to the situation in Telos which is governed by a High Council of Twelve consisting of six women and six men with Adama, the High Priest, casting the deciding vote in the event  of a tie. Maybe that spirit of respect and cooperation will eventually be reflected in the American government as we move further into the Golden Age.

In closing we’ll mention the recent release of Michael Moore’s new film, Where Do We Invade Next released this spring. It is a wonderfully uplifting and inspiring film illustrating a future that could be ours, one which is currently being enjoyed in European countries. Those of us with a sense of humor can just imagine if Michael Moore and his film crew were to be invited to visit Telos. Imagine the expression on Michael’s face when he’s introduced to Unicorns, shown the space port, food production, the creation of round crystalline homes, what they do for pleasure, entertainment and creative expression.

While the world remains in turmoil, our challenge is realize our glorious future is a work in progress. Michael Moore’s film and just thinking about Telos once in a while helps us to, as Martin Luther King said, “keep our eyes on the prize.”


“You came here with an agenda to attain soul perfection

and expand your own Divinity to the fullness of your God-Mastery and Wisdom.

You are here seeking… total spiritual freedom.

You are here to become an unlimited God in all planes of existence…

This is an agenda of Love for the Self and that Self is no one but ‘you.’”

~ Adama and the Council of Elders~

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Happy Spring!

Your Telos-USA Team

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