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This summer, as in summers past, spiritual seekers from around the world have made their way once again to majestic Mount Shasta to enjoy the beauty and spiritual energy of the mountain. Over the years the mountain has hosted students of Kryon, students of the Radiant Rose Academy, ET enthusiasts brought to the mountain by Dr. Steven Greer to study spaceship activity around the mountain, and numerous Telos groups from Canada, France, Australia, Israel, Japan and South America.

The largest spiritual group coming to the mountain are members of the I AM Foundation which evolved from the connection Ascended Master Saint Germain made with Guy Ballard on the East side of the mountain in 1930. Mr. Ballard, who in a former embodiment was George Washington, became his messenger, bringing through the Ascended Master Teachings.  This included knowledge and use of the Sacred Fire.  While the 7 Sacred Flames of Creation had been the foundation of the Lemurian civilization for thousands of years and exist today in the Temples of Telos, it was Saint Germain who brought knowledge of the Violet Flame which early students of the I AM Movement faithfully used to protect the shores of America during WWII.

In 1930 very few people were aware of the highly advanced Lemurian city inside Mount Shasta, which had mastered the use of the Sacred Fire ages before Saint Germain brought forth knowledge of the Violet Flame.  To this day very few local residents know of Telos existing beneath their feet.  Those of us familiar with the Telos material and Lemurian teachings in the TELOS books by Aurelia Louise Jones, find hope and inspiration in the knowledge that despite the chaos we surface dwellers continue to experience, they are living examples of our future, which will carry us safely through the many changes coming at this dawning of the Seventh Golden Age.

Next year, 2020, is likely to be auspicious on many accounts: politically, environmentally, scientifically and globally.  It is for that reason, Telos-USA, in conjunction and partnership with Mount Shasta Light Publishing, will be offering a week-long Initiatic Journey originally created by Aurelia.  For those who have experienced her journeys in the past, this can be an uplifting opportunity to revisit and integrate the teachings of Lemuria as well as returning to the wisdom of our own hearts.  For others, this can be a wonderful journey into greater depths of our spirituality.  Dates for this event will be announced on our Telos-USA website, as well as MSLPublishing and The Lemurian Connection websites.

This marks the 10th year anniversary of Channel and author Aurelia Louise Jones’ transition. Aurelia left us a rich legacy of tools for transformation to use in our daily living. There are nuggets of wisdom in each of the books she channeled. We highly recommend them for understanding about Telos and our subterranean neighbors, as well as our greater awareness of ourselves, becoming aware of living life on this beautiful planet in a more meaningful manner.

Written by William Johnson, Telos USA Board Member



When you embody Love and Oneness,

and you radiate only Love, you can create anything.

All Kingdoms unite also with you as One, and all elements and nature spirits are at your

command every instant to assist you to fulfill your desires.


(Telos Book Series Card Deck)





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