Adama Channeling from Valerie Donner January 15, 2013


Greetings, I am Adama. I greet you from the heart of Telos and the heart of Lemuria.

Many of us are here today to express our gratitude to you for the work that you have done to help make the ascension possible. Without you this could not have been accomplished.

You are a treasure to us and to the Earth. You have made many bold steps in this incarnation. You have learned a lot and have grown spiritually in a magnificent way. Your rewards will be many.

Think of yourselves as a blossoming rose. Each petal of the rose represents a metal of courage as you lived your lives on the Earth. The rose represents love and you have plenty of that. Do you know that we have lovely gardens here in Telos? We plant flowers to celebrate our successes as well as yours. These plants are tended with loving care. They capture the Light and love of creation and are a constant reminder of the beauty of our lives in Telos. We hold that Light and love for you on the surface the Earth.

Because we are fifth dimensional beings and greater, we can truly say that with the 12/12/12 energies and the 12/21/12 energies we have made a leap in our consciousness too. Can you feel the expanded Light that is coming from us to you? We can give you more as you transcend the third dimension.  We see your luminescence as you can perhaps feel and see ours. What is most important is that you begin to notice this within yourselves. Recognize each other as the Light Beings that you are and keep expanding in the Light.

The higher your vibrations become the closer we are to being able to be with you. We have long waited this time of reunion. For the majority of humanity the fear level is still too high for us to make a wide announcement of our presence. For those reading these words we know it is otherwise. We continue to wait for the wider opening in consciousness for us to be in your presence.

Our work with the Masters like Christ, St.Germain and Maitreya continues constantly. We are monitoring your progress and planning for future predicaments that may arise. We are your back up team and we are at your service.

There is a Master Plan that we know is divine. It encompasses all aspects of life on the Earth. Regardless of what happens if you have faith and trust in the plan you will always succeed.

You can expect more earth changes in this year of 2013. The Earth is unstable. Everything is being done to keep her propped up. The coastal areas are wide open for shifts. The Earth changes are in everyone’s back yards. The Earth continues to need her cleansing. She wants to protect her children and much is being done with the nature spirits, elementals, space family and others to do what can be done. This is about consciousness raising not the destruction of the Earth.

You can continue to expect volatility around the planet. Pay attention to your hearts. Watch the animals’ behaviors. Pray for divine balance for as above so below. This will affect everyone in every dimension including us in the Earth.

There will be some earthquakes of great magnitude, fires, drought, volcanoes and large water events. It always helps to be prepared in every way possible. Bless those in the affected areas for they will need your love and support.

The Earth is a magnimous soul. Her love is beyond description. Her patience with humans is amazing.

In this year you will discover more of your gifts and will be called to use them. Everyone is being pressed to be their authentic self. You will find the principle of resonance actively working so that those of like vibration will be drawn together in love and service. Community will take precedence. Because you are in the now moment and time is no longer a linear construct, your manifesting abilities will surprise you so watch your thoughts. Keep them positive and whole.

The love and Light present on the Earth is a gift from our Creator and is a result of the work that has been done by the Lightworkers. You are beginning to feel and live in the higher dimensions. It will be a gradual shift into the Christ conscious that we have been holding for these many years.

Please call upon your Lemurian family for love, inspiration, and healing. Let us send you the Lemurian reminders of how far you have progressed and the healing heart energies. They will carry you a long way.

The path of ascension is not always a smoothe one. There are leaps and bumps. Sometimes it is challenging to release attachments of what life has been like in the third dimension in favor of the unknown. Please be assured that our Creator knows your needs, loves you unceasingly, and will make your lives better than you could ever have imagined.

We have the utmost faith in you for your ability to transform your lives and the Earth. Your progress is exponential. We stand in unity for the upliftment of all.

We send our most gracious love to you. I am Adama.

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